Project Samples

The Board Game Project

  • Board Games for The Hobbit

The Interview Project

The directions for this project are in chapter 16 of the LITClub book. Here are some examples for you to see this project in action.

Pictures coming soon.

The Brochure Project

Newspaper Project

This example shows the article and “one other thing,” written and created after reading Victory on the Walls, by Frieda Clark Hyman. It was written and designed by a middle school boy. Notice that he placed his article and “one other thing” onto his cover design. He then cut and pasted his friends articles and one other things inside this booklet (newspaper).

This is a sample newspaper cover design borrowed from a ten year old boy’s project when he read Shipwrecked! The True Adventures of a Japanese Boy, by Rhoda Blumberg.

When the kids create the newspaper project they choose one other thing to write that is typically in a newspaper like a weather report, stock report, fashion ideas, sports stats or whatever their hearts dream up and make it suit the time period. This is a newspaper classified example from when the younger group of kids read Thunderstorm in the Church, by Louise A. Vernon. Notice the margins. They are set so that the kids can cut them out and paste them into their mock newspaper made from horizontal 8.5 x 11 inch sheets of paper folded in half.

After the children write their articles and one other thing they print copies for everyone in the group. At the meeting the newspapers are assembled. Everyone brings his own cover design and cuts and pastes the materials from his friends and makes a newspaper he can take home.

If you have questions about the projects in The LITClub book, please ask them here.