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Ali Dent is a literature club  facilitator who is widely known in Tyler, Texas and becoming known in San Antonio for the uniqueness of her book club prototype and the academic and social effects it has on the children and parents who read with her. Since 2002, Ali has enjoyed reading and discussing the classics with others. Her clubs are comprised mostly of home schooled families, but the club model is not restricted to the homeschool community. Ali’s book The LITClub shows you how simple it is to start a club like this for your family and friends.

“I never dreamed that simply reading and discussing the classics in a group would have such a profound effect on us.”

As a homeschool veteran of 22 years, Ali has written a book to illustrate how her classical LITClub works and the reasons for the impact it has on a group. Publication is scheduled for 2013.

If you want to get to know Ali a little better, watch these interviews taped in Tyler Texas by an NBC affiliate.

In Tyler, KETK, an NBC affiliate interviewed Ali for a story called Curriculum Debate; Should religious reference be allowed in school? In this story, Lacy Beavers interviews Ali about removing factual historical references from school textbooks.

This is an interview conducted by Lacy Beavers of KETK, an NBC affiliate in Tyler, Texas. It is about removing factual historical references from school textbooks. I was asked to give my perspective on the issue as a home school veteran of 20 years.

Ali was asked for a second interview regarding a story entitled State Report: 25% of Texas Kids are Joining Home Schooling. Ali was asked to speak on behalf of home schoolers and why she thinks families are leaving the public system for a home school education.

According to reporter Jessica Wilson, 25% of children leaving the public school system are switching to home schooling. She asked me for an interview to speak on behalf of home educators. She wanted to know about the benefits of home schooling that might lead parents to choose this method of education.

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