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The LITClub, Transforming Reading into an ExperienceTheLitClub cover-3D-thin SMALL

If you’re ready to show your children how much fun reading can be, this all inclusive handbook is for you. The LITClub, Transforming Reading into an Experience shows you how to get your club up and going plus all the tools you need to read and enjoy four classic novels.
  1. Parts I & II.  A detailed explanation about how-to enjoy your very own literature club.
  1. Part III. A tool box with ready-made materials for four classic books. All you have to do is start. Part III includes:
  • The Facilitator Guide. Shows you how to introduce the book. It includes questions and answers for a fun and insightful conversation.
  • The Project Guide. Describes how to implement the projects.
  • The Vocabulary List. Over 100 words and definitions for each book along with a helpful fun site to study and learn the words.
  • The Themed Menu. You may want to create your own menu. If life is busy, a menu with recipes and pictures has been prepared for you for each of the books.