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Kent Travis On Literature

Kent Travis is a fairly regular guy who spent more than a regular amount of time reading and studying poetry over the last few years. It didn’t kill him. This book is some of what came out of that time. He is author of the narrative poem, “Soil and Seed.” Kent earned a Master of Humanities degree from the University of Dallas. Currently he is chair of the humanities department at the Brookhill School in Bullard, Texas where he teaches senior English and runs the yearbook. He and his wife reside in Tyler, Texas with their four daughters. To read more from Kent, hop over to his blog where he’s Thinking it Through. 

Kent has written a fantastic book on how to enjoy poetry. I didn’t like reading poetry until I read his book. Mostly I didn’t like it because I thought it took a special kind of knowledge to understand it. I was wrong. Take a look at Kent’s book, You Want Me To Read What? and see what I mean.


Ali Dent On LITCLub

The LitClub experience will cause your child to say, “Mom, if we have to drop an activity, please don’t let it be LitClub.” — Gill Hassell, former nonreader.

The LITClub is a handbook for creating an fun book club that reads the classics. Ali Dent, a veteran homeschooler developed it in 2002 as a means for her dyslexic daughter to complete high school English without tears. The LitClub takes the fear out of teaching and learning literature. It adds pleasure to the experience by incorporating themed meals, fun projects and plenty of time to hang out with friends.

The facilitator/mom can stop there and enjoy the LitClub experience as an extra curricular activity or make use of the complete set of tools provided in the book for a well-rounded language arts curriculum for children of all ages. Homeschool moms love the aspect that the same story, but not the same version, is read with by all of her children regardless of their ages.

There’s no need to be an expert in literature to get the full benefit from LitClub. Every part of the club is mapped out for you. Part I explains the reasoning behind the structure of LitClub as well as the outcome you and your kids can expect from your LitClub. Part II describes the individual tools available to the LitClub members and the parent/facilitator. Detailed explanations and samples are provided so that each family can design a club to suit their needs. Part III includes four classic titles, each with ready-made materials that make facilitating the club effortless.

To read more about Ali Dent as an author click here.