How to Entice Your Non Reader to Love Books


 How can a parent entice her child who says, “I hate reading?”

The literature club project snuck its way into our literature club by accident. After creating a club experience for my high school daughter to read the classics our family decided to start one for our middle school aged son. I was a little intimidated about creating a club for middle school boys. There are tons of articles and posts that led me to think boys wouldn’t like a book club.

One day, I thought, Maybe if we do hands-on, non-crafty sort of things that cause the kids to think more deeply about the book. Maybe it will make the club better for boys. I am not a cut-and-paste kind of girl. That’s probably the initial reason the projects ended up being more thought provoking than crafty. In addition, I couldn’t imagine the average boy enjoying cut and paste projects.

This group of boys became my first guinea pigs. Later we expanded the club to a mixture of middle school aged boys and girls, which by the way I was told would NEVER work. We found that the mixture actually added value to the group.

A few years later, these kids grew into their high school years. I was pleasantly surprised when they still enjoyed the projects. This experience taught me that creating an original board game at 12 was just as much fun for a 16 year old.

Project presentations delight the kids, as well as their parents. The children enjoy the experience with their friends. The parents like the projects because they can see beyond the experience, which they are fond of into the underlying thinking and speaking skills their children must exercise in order to particpate. In the end, adding project presentations to our classical literature club at any age added an unexpected layer to our club experience that made reading more fun for the kids.

How do you entice your children to love reading? Please share your ideas in the comment section so other mothers can get ideas.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. Ruth Munoz says:

    Some ideas that worked for my little one:
    Have read-aloud family time
    Cuddle up in mom’s bed to read
    Read action packed books and stop at a good part. (I used Little House on the Prarie and Little Britches)
    Read funny books- Amelia Bedilia for littles. Phantom Tollbooth for bigger kids.
    If you have a child with a “strong personality” mention that a book is “too difficult or grownup” for them then leave it out on the coffee table for them to snatch up when you leave the room. That worked through high school age.
    At Lit Club I learned it is okay to use graphic novel &/or condensed books. The kids will still be able to join in discussions of theme.

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