A Panem Meal To Die For

Chicken and Peas“The evening of our last LITClub meeting, my eighth grader had the option of going to dinner for his dad’s birthday or going to literature club—he chose literature!”

—Kori Brewer, LITClub parent

 My very first literature club was back in 2002. My daughter struggled to read her high school assignments. I prayed and prayed for a solution. Literature club was the answer. Back then, we read the classics with other mothers and daughters, shared a themed meal and discussed the story. The club format has evolved over the years, but the meal and mingling are still the focal point. I think it’s this element that causes the club to seem like it isn’t a school activity. If you ask one of the kids to tell you the reason that they want to come back month after month and year after year, you will get a loud outcry of, “food and fun!” That’s okay with me and the other mothers who read with us. We secretly know that the covert benefits of reading and discussing books is preparing our children to think, speak and write critically.

Adding a themed meal makes reading fun. You can do this as simply or elaborately as you like. The main idea is to add excitement and pleasure to the reading experience.

Christy Perkins organizes the menus for my club. She graciously accepted my request to provide you with tasty alternatives for your Hunger Games experience in case you don’t have time to plan a menu.  You can find Christy at The Lone Apron. Christy is an amazing chef. Everything she makes is so delicious. She works on a recipe until it’s perfect. I love her cooking. Here’s the menu we planned for The Hunger Games.


Rue’s Harvest Salad with Prim’s Goat Cheese

During the games, Rue gathered roots, nuts, greens, and berries in the woods.  These pair perfectly with goat cheese, the small gift Prim left for Katniss before she left for the capitol.

Mellard’s Browned Bread

Peeta gave Katniss two large loaves of scorched raisin-nut bread when she was starving, but this brown bread would be a treat for anyone.

Roasted Groosling

Chicken will have to stand in for the Groosling Katniss roasted over a fire during the games.

Capitol Chicken with Orange Cream Sauce

Katniss had probably never had anything this delicious before she dined with Cinna in the capitol.

Prosperity Peas with Pearl Onions

Although vegetables were hard to come by in District 12, Katniss enjoyed them with her Chicken and Orange Cream Sauce in the capitol.

Cinna”mon Custard with Nightlock Berries and Mint

A rich pudding was another treat for Katniss when she shared dinner with Cinna, and since the Nightlock berries in the woods were deadly, we’ve chosen to use blueberries instead.  Mint leaves are a reminder of Katniss’ attempts to curb her hunger when there was no food to be found. 

District 12 Herb Tea

Sometimes the comfort of home comes from the simplest of tastes. Herb tea was surely standard warming fare in District 12.

How do you make reading fun for your children? Please share your ideas below in the comment section to help other mothers find new ideas.

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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