Looks Aren’t Everything

TheNecromancerOfEtowah_Smashwords[1]What you see isn’t always what you get. Better yet, you don’t always get what you see in the way you expected. 

My husband published his first book a week ago. I am so proud of him! What does this book cover suggest you will find inside? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.

Jim is an unknown author. Your first introduction to him is through his book cover. Some of you will buy his book because of the image on the cover. Others will avoid the purchase because of the image.  This cover says danger, mystery, thriller. His story is all of those things. If you like a good suspense thriller, you will enjoy Jim’s story. For some, especially our Christian friends, an image like the one on Jim’s cover, as well as the title, causes them to feel afraid of what might be inside, imagining scenes they shouldn’t allow their minds to see, instead of wondering about the thrilling conflict between an evil villain and a heroic protagonist. I get that. I respect that. However, looks aren’t everything.

Skeletons concoct images in our imagination of evil, darkness, and sometimes the devil. Is there evil in Jim’s book? Absolutely. What good story doesn’t have a powerful antagonist who only wants destruction for the protagonist? How did Sauron feel about Frodo? What was the end game for the White Witch in the Narnia series? Jim’s book isn’t all about evil, nor is it filled with images or scenes that aren’t edifying. The heart of Jim’s book is about grace, redemption, and the kind of love that only comes from a heart willing to sacrifice everything for the good of another. 

 I think you should take a chance and buy a copy of Jim’s book. Discover for yourself why there is the hand of a skeleton on the cover, which by the way, was drawn by our son James. I personally believe you won’t be disappointed.

If you have a few more minutes, check out this TED video on the power of image. If you think skinnier thighs and shinier hair will make you happy, check out what Cameron Russell, super model, has to say about that.

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