Shocking Worldview Survey Results

Worldview Survey ResultsBarna Research Group conducted two surveys to determine how many Americans hold a biblical worldview. One survey was for adults and the other for teens.

If these results shock you, you’re not alone, and we can do something about it. In our home, we have a literature club that mimics real-life conversations so that our children can remember what it is that they believe when they have discussion with friends and acquaintances.

The LITClub handbook makes it easy for any parent to have these kinds of talks with their children. To show you how easy a conversation like this can be, let’s pretend that you and your children are in my living room and that we all read the Wizard of Oz last month. We shared a meal that included fruit arranged in the shape of a rainbow, over-the-rainbow spiral cookies, straw and hay pasta, and melting sherbet punch. After dinner, the kids presented their board game projects and then played each other’s games.

Now we’re going to have a conversation about the book. Below are some questions you could pose to your LITClub with possible answers to share if they don’t have one.

1. What did Dorothy want?
Go home.
2. What did she spend her time doing?
Helping others get what they want.
3. Which of Jesus’ parables does Dorothy remind you of?
(For me, it’s the story of the Good Samaritan.) She could have kept going for her goal. Instead, she saw another, listened to his needs, thought about ways to help, and told him what he needed to do.
4. Define joy.
Psalm 16 says, “I have set the Lord always before me; because He is at my right hand I shall not be shaken. Therefore, my heart is glad, and my whole being rejoices.
5. What gave Dorothy her joy?
Was it getting home? I’d say that made her happy. I think she got her joy by sacrificing her desires for the good of others.
7, Conclusion: We see Dorothy having intentional conversations.What was her motivation for the conversation with the scarecrow? A brain. The tin man? To help him find a heart. The lion? To help him find courage. Dorothy wanted to help them realize who they already were.

This is how a LITClub discussion goes. We look at the characters’ actions, motivations, situations, and choices. We analyze them against God’s Word. This kind of help is available to you in The LITClub handbook.

Let’s changed the statistics and help our kids learn how to talk about what they believe in a respectful and polite way.

Hunger Games ExperienceIf the idea of LITClub interests you, pick up your free copy of The LITClub, Transforming The Hunger Games into an Experience and test out the idea of having worldview conversations using a classic novel. Inside, you will find ready-made tools that will make your planning a snap. There is a project guide, menu, lesson, and discussion guide equipped with questions and answers, as well as a vocabulary list of words from the book.

TheLitClub cover-3D-thin SMALLIf  you’re ready to get your club up and going, you can get a copy of my book The LITClub, Transforming Reading into an Experience. It is a handbook for starting a club and it includes all of the ready-made material for 4 classic novels that you can use with any age child.

What’s stopping you from having worldview conversations with your children?

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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