A Soft Touch on Tough Topics Makes Our Children Strong

DSC_0051At one of our LITClub meetings, the kids got into a pretty deep discussion about the reality of Jesus being fully God and fully man and what the implications of that are. It was amazing and intense. Afterwards, I sat down beside one of the mothers and asked her what she thought about the way the discussion went. She told me how she saw it as a positive experience and that she was glad her children were able to talk about their faith and work it out in a safe place before they grow up and move out of the house.

This is what she told me.

3 reasons LITClub kids are strong because they discuss tough topics.

  1. They experiment with their opinions in a safe place. In our LITClub, we create an atmosphere that encourages the kids to speak up even if they aren’t sure about what they are thinking.
  2. Holes in their reasoning get filled in. Sometimes we take on the opinions of family and friends without even knowing it. In a LITClub discussion, the kids share their thoughts freely. If someone shares an idea that he hasn’t fully owned as his own yet, he will realize this as others listen and ask him questions. IN this way, he exposes the holes in his own worldview and gets the opportunity the decide how he wants to fill them.
  3. They develop patience. Listening, instead of trying to win a case is a learned skill. At our LITClub, we don’t allow anyone to make fun of anyone else for his opinion. Every idea is allowed and given the respect it deserves. However, it isn’t always easy to hold back a strong feeling about a topic that’s close to the heart.  LITClub kids get to grow in this area because they get lots of practice listening before talking.

How do you teach your children to listen instead of trying to win?

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