Winning Conversations With Your Children Are Easy With These 5 Tools

Critical Thinkers

Critical Thinkers

Imagine your children all grown up with families of their own, sitting around the dinner table with friends from work or  church. Picture them having friends who don’t know Jesus or friends who have lost their way.

Would you want them to have these folks over for dinner?
Sure, you would.
Would you want them to know how to love a friend, regardless of his worldview?
Of course.
Do you think this kind of love and conversation comes naturally to most people?
No, it doesn’t.

Barna Research Group conducted a survey regarding Americans who have or don’t have a biblical worldview. It showed that among young adults between 18-23, less than one half of one percent held a biblical worldview.

In light of that, how can we show our children how to love others and have conversations with them the way Jesus did? He was forever looking for hopeless people to love on. When He found them, He listened to them. He thought about their life and what they needed. Then He told them them how to find hope.

Jesus grew up in an age of philosophy. No doubt, His parents had Him memorize the Old Testament. And, most assuredly, they discussed those stories with Him. That is just how it was in ancient times. Parents talked about worldview ideas with their children. It’s not that easy for us today. We live in a fast-paced, quick-answer culture. It’s up to us to intentionally create an environment for our kids to explore real-life issues and discuss them according to their worldview.

A LITClub can accomplish this for you. It’s so simple to create this kind of community.

  • All you need is a place to meet: You already have that, your home.
  • Next you need some people: You have that, too, your family and friends.
  • You need a purpose: God has given you that. LOVE.
  • Of course, you need topics to discuss if you want to explore worldview issues.
  • And you need tools to make things fun and that serve brain candy to your children.

Of course, you can come up with your own platform for creating worldview conversations. Maybe you will create a Science club or a History club, but I think you’ll see how naturally classic novels provide topics that are a ready-made framework for worldview conversations.

When my daughters were 13 and 14,. we moved 750 miles from home. The girls were lonely and we needed to get school underway. Matti, our second child, has dyslexia. We used the classical education model, and Matti was entering high school. I wanted to find a way for her to enjoy the classics and not just drudge through them to check off a list.

I prayed for a way to help her enjoy English, make friends, and practice having worldview conversations. That is how the LITClub was born, and it worked to accomplish those goals. We enjoyed it so much that we continued it with our younger sons.

The tools we used and that I am going to show you are already at your disposal in your own home. A LITClub experience is the simplest, most exciting way to train our children to have worldview conversations.

A big plus for a home school mom is that your children can use the LITClub as her English curriculum, or as a supplement to it.

Let’s take a look at the tools.
This image shows you the five tools included in The LITCLub, Transforming Reading into an Experience, and how each tool plays a role in training our children how to have worldview conversations like Jesus did.

5 tools-look,listen,think,talk

If you want to test drive The LITClub, sign up to receive more posts like this, and receive your free copy of The LITClub, Transforming the Hunger Games into an Experience, then click on this ebook and follow the directions.

Hunger Games ExperienceWhat tools are you using to teach your children how to love others in conversation? I’d love to know. I learn so much from you!

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