Satisfy Your Child’s Appetite With 7-Layer Books

layer-salad-ay-1875432-lWorldview conversations are the most fun when we have interesting topics to talk about. Get some of your friends together for a discussion and see what I mean. You might want to start a science or history club if you are bent in that direction. Our club reads the classics because they naturally offer us tons of things to talk about. It’s so simple to look at a character or situation in the story and talk about his decisions, dilemmas, and roadblocks.

4 reasons  we read classical books in our LITClub:

1. Focus on the story and the conversation. Kids of all ages have the intelligence to discuss important issues. However, he may be like my daughter and have a reading weakness. The LITClub isn’t a reading class. It’s an opportunity to discuss worldview. Therefore, it doesn’t matter which version your child reads. The story is the main point. Audio books are great. Abridged versions are, too. For most of the classics, you can find abridged versions at many different reading levels.

2. All ages read the same book. When a mother has children at several different ages, it can be difficult for her to find the time to read all of their books. Since the classics come in such an array of reading levels, a mom can read the same story with all of her children and have conversations with each of them on their discussion level. You can find the classics in a variety of formats.

  • Step Into Reading series
  • Graphic novel series
  • Great Illustrated Classic series
  • Audio book






3. A chronological reading list creates historical hooks in our brains. When I started the LITClub back in 2002, we were using The Well Trained Mind for our schooling. That is how I got the idea to read books chronologically. I saw the literature club as a perfect way to accomplish my daughter’s reading list in a fun and interactive way. We moved on to Tapestry of Grace, and again, literature club accomplished our gospel focus and English credits for all of my children, beginning at about age 7.

4. Classic books are multidimensional. I call them 7-layer books. A 7-layer book gives us lots to talk about, whereas a single-layer book has less fodder for the fire. It’s probably entertaining, and there’s nothing wrong with reading for pleasure, however, a worldview conversation needs topics on a deeper level. 7-layer books provide this for us.

Let me show you what I mean. Look at this clip from Les Miserables.

7-layer stories allow us to dig deeper into our worldview and sort it out.

From this clip we can talk about Madam Gilot (She’s called Magloire in the book).

What was she thinking?
Why didn’t she want to help?
What did she not understand about the gospel?
Why did the Bishop lie?
What does he mean by ‘ransomed you for God’?

Choosing the classics for worldview conversations makes it easy to find topics to discuss.

How about you? What are your favorite books to talk about with friends?

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. What a great analogy, Ali! I agree some books are like 7 layer salads and some are . . . not. 🙂 But, to answer your question, my favorite book to talk about is whatever book I’m reading at the moment. Right now, I’m reading the 75th Anniversary of the Tyler Rose Festival book. Now, what could *that* be about? 😀
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