3 Ways Food Cooks Up Reading Fun

FruitYears ago, Jim and I joined a church that we just couldn’t seem to break into socially. We decided to do something about it. We invited a different family to come over for lunch or dinner every other week. The next time we saw them at church, we had something to talk about because we knew each other better — all because of a meal.

The Magic of Food

  • Food nourishes the body. I’m no scientist, but it doesn’t take much thought to realize that a whole bunch of something amazing goes on when fruit, vegetables, and meat transform my body into muscles to move, eyes for sight, and ears for hearing.
  • Food feeds the soul. Jesus encouraged us to share a meal with each other, The Lord’s Supper. He had to go away for awhile, so He left us with a meal to remember Him by. Sharing the remembrance of who He is and what He has done for us through The Lord’s Supper feeds us spiritually.
  • Food breaks down barriers. It gives people purpose in the moment. Sharing a meal becomes an agenda, so that no one has to feel like she has to make something happen. Awkward silence can be filled with a bite of food. The talkers in the group won’t find it difficult to make conversation. That makes it easy for people like me, who enjoy being with other people, but find it tough to know what to say until we know each other better.

In the beginning, bridging the gap was the reason LITClub included a meal with every book discussion. The better we know each other, the better we can discuss books on a deeper level. As time went on, I realized it did more for us than help us make friends with each other.

3 ways our LITClub uses a themed meal to make reading fun

  1. A themed meal bridges the gap of relationship. Sitting around a table with your friends over a nice meal is special, out of the ordinary. It’s easy to have conversation around the table.
  2. A themed meal bridges the gap socially. Food lightens the mood. Our LITClub doesn’t have a heavy feel because we plan on ways to keep it light and fun. However, the themed meal really helps us make the event fun and inviting.
  3. A themed meal bridges the gap academically. A themed meal is not only friendly and fun, it does a job for us, too. Classic literature is removed, somewhat, from our modern world. The stories are great – very rich with life and love. However, kids don’t know that until they experience it. We have to do a little juggling to show them them just how valuable and interesting these books are. By connecting the meal to the setting, we get them one step closer to owning the idea of reading the book. We do other things to help with this, but this post is about the food.

If you would like to read more about literature club and find ways you can introduce your children to the classics in a way that will cause them to ask for more books, then get a copy of my book, The LITClub, Transforming Reading into an Experience.

If you just want to chat a bit about reading and ways to make it fun, leave a comment for me below, or pop over to my Facebook page and leave me a message.

How do you use food to make life fun?

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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