4 Things You Might Think Your Child Can’t Learn Until Adulthood

Photo by Billie Moody

Photo by Billie Moody

LITClub book conversations train our children to share their beliefs with love and grace, and to discuss, instead of fight, about differences of opinion. It takes a few meetings to establish the kind of trust that’s necessary to get below the surface and dig deeply into the issues we find in classical literature. (To read more about establishing the kind of trust that makes interesting wordlview conversations possible, check out this post, 3 Ways to Help Your Child Talk Smart.)

The kids have interesting enough book conversations the first two or three books, when they are just getting to know each other. By the fourth book, they have settled into the rhythm of the group. They have found out that it is a safe place for them to wrestle with big ideas. We use a roundtable approach to talk about issues. This approach teaches them several things.

They learn …

  • that they can have wrong answers and nothing happens, like it might in a classroom situation.
  • that they can disagree with each other.
  • how much fun disagreements can be, if handled with respect.
  • that there is freedom to misunderstand something in the book, or even interpret the project directions differently than I had intended.

Lit club is a safe place where a group can mimic life, discussing real situations through the buffer of the characters. It’s an advantage that we don’t always share the same worldview. Growth isn’t measure by how often we agree. Our critical thinking and speaking skills improve in the midst of conflict when loving roundtable techniques are used.

Our LITClub children gain 4 benefits from talking about their worldview in a safe group:

  1. They learn to analyze their beliefs.
  2. They grow secure in their beliefs.
  3. They are free to share their beliefs.
  4. They offer love and grace to others, who have different beliefs.

How do you engage your children in worldview conversations?


Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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