5 Reasons to Make Public Speaking Fun for Your Children

Rachel Walker, Monologue Project, 2014IMG_6253Delivering a speech doesn’t have to be scary, dry or boring. In literature club make delivering speeches interesting and fun. The monologue project is a way to get to know characters on a personal level.

The kids choose a character to impersonate. For Uncle Tom’s Cabin the kids are asked to dress up like their character and write a monologue defending slavery from their character’s standpoint. Watch the video below to see just how much fun the kids had. It’s tough to write from a point of view that’s not your own. I admire them for rising to the task and enjoying themselves in the process.

There are at least 5 benefits  your child will receive from the monologue project

  1. Public speaking. The monologue project provides a fun way to practice speech writing and delivery. Kids of all ages can do this and gain valuable experience speaking before a group.
  2. Communication. The monologue project challenges the kids to walk in the shoes of someone else. When we do this and if we are willing to allow others to have a different point of view than our own we become better equipped to love them.
  3. Thinking. The monologue project is written out of the imagination of each student, using his interoperation of one of the characters in the book. By writing about opinions that are not their own, critical thinking is enhanced.
  4. Writing. The monologue project is little different from writing an essay that is read by someone else. Therefore, it should sound conversational. It requires a deeper look into a characters point of view so that it sounds like the actual character is giving the speech. This makes a stronger imprint on the memory.
  5. Historical insight. When the monologue project is used in conjunction with a historical novel the kids get an interesting look inside  history. This can lead them to wisdom in their future when they will be the decision makers for our world.

What do you think about the monologue as a fun way to learn how to feel comfortable speaking before a group?

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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