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 The LITClub book shows you exactly how to start a literature club of your own. It goes one step farther and does all the work for you. If  you feel intimated about the idea of starting your own literature club listen to this story. Then share your concerns with me so I can help you.
My daughters Mallari, 25, and Matti, 24, are really smart and gifted girls, but they don’t think they have school smarts. For the longest time I have wondered why. Today I received an email from Mallari who is in college in Kentucky. She once again mentioned that she isn’t smart and in the same paragraph told me her grades for the past two years have all been A’s and B’s.
This is what I wrote back to her:
Dear Mallari,
This record looks like someone who is VERY good at school. You sell yourself far too short. Just because you work hard for something doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you, it just means you have tons of character, fortitude, endurance and perseverance. I’d take that any day over an academic class being easy. I’m very proud of you and excited for you to reach your goal, fall of 2012. Do they have a graduation then or wait until the fall? Please let me know those dates as soon as you have them so we can plan to be there. With grades like this, why do you doubt your ability to do school?
There are things that come easy for us all. We usually call them “gifts” and that’s fine but it can also make us think strange things when something takes a lot of work. For example,  I wouldn’t say that I’m a born write like Mozart was a musician but I work very hard to study, grow, learn, and practice writing. I believe this is the stuff successful people are made of. You see, the little voice that whispers to you that you aren’t good at school also whispers to me and the rest of the world when we stretch ourselves out of our comfort zone for a dream or a goal. I just wanted to let you know I’m no different from you and that who you are is perfect and wonderful and that reaching for something you want is the very stuff that great people are made of and YOU ARE GREAT PEOPLE!
Love you,
If you have concerns about beginning your literature club, I say to you as I did my daughter, “Reaching out for something you want is the stuff that great people are made of. You CAN do this and I am here to help you.”

What are your concerns? How can I help you? Connect with me and I’ll do my best to help you.

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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