Pride & Prejudice: The Movie Poster Project

ElizabethOur LITClub project for Pride and Prejudice was called The Movie Poster project. I asked the kids to chose well known actors and actresses to represent the Pride and Prejudice characters on their posters. At the meeting each person presented his project by explaining these things:

1. Why did you chose the individuals on your poster.

Example —  the actor played a role in a [name of show or movie] and his personality  was like Darcy in [this _____ way.]

Or this person’s real personality is like Darcy in [this____ way.]

2. When you designed the all over graphics who did you want it to appeal to — the target market?

The Goal

To build summarization skills, which improves comprehension, creating more reading pleasure.

To summarize Pride and Prejudice using a movie poster as a selling tool.

The Explanation

When I say, “Summarize the story,” you might think of a shorted version of the story – beginning, middle and ending, but what’s the point of that? When I’ve seen a movie that my friend has not and he asks me if I liked it, what does he expect to hear from me? Probably not a play-by-play run down unless he can’t make it to the showing. And if he is going to see it I don’t want to spoil it by telling him all the important points including the ending. So, what is he want for a summary? Possibly, tantalizing tidbits so that he can make up his own mind whether he wants to see the movie or not. This is exactly what we tried to accomplish with The Movie Poster project.

So, what does the movie poster have to do with the book?

1. Honing summarization skills increases  comprehension. This makes reading more fun.

2. Creating a movie poster asks the student to think deeper about the characters in the book.

3. Making a movie poster is an enjoyable way to summarize a book.

Here are three examples from our club.



Pride-Prejudice_Jacob & Sarah

 What do you think about this idea for a literature project?

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