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IMG_0027-247x300Our best friend’s daughter was hit by a car on September 11, 2013. I have two young girl friends whose pregnancies are touch and go right now. A dear friend of mine is straining to wrap up her first novel. I recently began tutoring a sweet high school girl because her writing teacher presses her so hard that she was beginning to doubt her writing abilities.

Regardless of the task in your life, you can FIGHT YOUR WAY THROUGH THAT.(Click to Tweet this quote)

Last February I called my writing friend and cheerleader Bridgette and told her that I was quitting the project I was working on. She saw, or actually heard my doubts even t hough I was very calm about my decision. I told her the logical reasons that I was putting it aside. From her perspective it came out of the blue and was shocking. I had worked on the project for over two years and I was almost to the finish line. The way this man describes the writing process from desire to execution explains what is going on when a task seems larger than life and encourages is not to give up.

This video is directed toward writers, but I think the message applies to all of us when the going gets tough. We need to remember this message if we are in a tough spot and remind our friends of this when we see their knees buckling and their hands drooping.

In less than two minutes Ira Glass sums up the tangled mess that a writer’s heart gets into and encourages us to work through the storm. I think it applies to all kinds of situations that bring suffering and difficulty.

Whether you have a daughter fighting for her life in the hospital, a child bearing up under an overly strict teacher or you are a writer pressing though to the end of your first novel, this video is for you. Be encouraged!

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What’s your story? How do you press through?

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  1. After writing for more than twenty years, I’ve come up against what has, so far, dealt the swiftest and hardest strike against my writing: Being a caregiver for my elderly parents for ten years and the death of my mom. Even after primary caregiver roles for my best friend dying of cancer and then my dad during his final days, the recent death of my mom has left me, well, bereft. Knowing she was 98 and led a full life doesn’t make it any easier.

    I recently wrote: ” The entanglement grief brings to an already knotted writing life.” Tonight I’m struck by your words: “…the tangled mess that a writer’s heart gets into and encourages us to work through the storm.” A storm is a storm whether you’re in the eye or not.

    Thanks for sharing your story and the video.
    Vikk @ Down the Writers Path recently posted..Readathon challenges and tips – Dewey and the Count of Monte CristoMy Profile

    • Vikk,
      I feel your sorrow. I took care of my mom when she had cancer, too. There’s something about giving that kind of care that makes the parting very tough. For me it has taken years to move through it. If I can be of any encouragement to you, please email me or send me a Facebook message. I’m about to hop over to your Dewey and The Count of Monte Cristo to see what you have to say. I love that book.
      Ali Dent recently posted..The Art of Experiencing StoriesMy Profile

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