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So you want to start a book club? Or, maybe you have a book club and you’re looking for ideas. Maybe you will share your ideas with me. This page is designed to show you how we study books together and have a really great time! There is a comment section below where I hope you will share a little bit about your club — things you do that your members enjoy and also leave a link to your blog so we can visit you.

Our club meets on the first Monday of each month. We are a group of parents and children who love reading the classics together. The children in our group begin reading and discussing with us as early as seven years old. We have two discussions with a meal sandwiched in between. The younger group discusses a book before dinner and the high school after.  Our meal is planned around the setting of the book or the time period it was written. Dinner time is a mini-vacation. It is a time to laugh, talk, play and have fun.

Reading great books with a group of parents and children is so much fun. Everyone works together to make the club a wonderful experience. The children are amazing and often shock me with their insights about life in connection with a book. I hope that sharing our ideas will help you create your own book club or help you move forward if you can’t quite find your way. I also hope you will leave a comment below and share your ideas with me so out club can grow too.

Would you like to start a classical literature club?

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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