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When I ask the kids to tell me their favorite projects, the newspaper project makes the top ten every time. It surprises me because the development of it generates more questions than any other project. Each time we plan this project I revise the directions, hoping to make them clearer. When we read the Scarlet Letter this year, the same questions popped up.

I think the first breakdown in my directions is that I call it a newspaper and the end product looks more like a booklet made from 8.5 X 11 paper or card stock. It is called a newspaper project for the intended goal and not the appearance of the finished product. The goals are to learn to write news articles, discover the different kinds of things included in a newspaper and build critical thinking skills which is accomplished by pretending to be a news reporter in the setting of the book.

Most questions surround the creation of the paper more than the writing assignment. The most common confusion is about how to format the article so that it fits into the newspaper and about the actual putting together of the paper.

I had an idea today that I think might clear up the instructions. I took pictures of a finished newspaper and added notes to answer the most common questions I am asked. I hope this helps.

Newspaper Project Explanation

 Cover DesignsNewspaperProjectCover_10-31-2015


More Newspaper Project Explanations

Please let me know if this clears up your questions. If not, ask me and I will do my best to clear up the confusion.

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