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Here at Living Outside the Lines we think reading the classics is fun! It’s because we make it fun. There are so many new and exciting modern stories to choose from that the idea of reading an old book seems dismal. And, you know what, it just might be a dismal experience without a little help to spice it up. In a previous post we talked about how digging into the context the author’s life or the setting in which he placed his characters brings an old book to life. A themed meal accomplishes the same thing. We do both of these activities at our literature club meetings but we also prepare exciting projects. In my opinion, the work behind the scenes of the project gives a workout to critical thinking skills and the enjoyment is found in the presentation.

For The Three Musketeers our literature club is creating two blogs about the book. I’m excited to see what they turn out this year as they create two blogs that tell the story of The Three Musketeers by writing narratives from individual character’s point of view. Instead of trying to describe the project why don’t I just paste a copy of it here for you to read for yourself. Let me know what you think!

Author: Alexander Dumas

Setting Date: 17th Century France

Goal: To get to know a character beyond the words in the novel. To enter the technological world and become familiar with website design. To improve your writing skills as you write things that are viewed by the public.

Project Explanation: Create a blog for The Three Musketeers in a way that a reader of the blog will know him well enough to have compassion for him, hope the best for him, feel scared for him; or really dislike him, feel mad at him, hope he gets caught, wish justice for him.

At our meeting on January 7 you will complete steps 1 & 2.

Step 1: Choose a theme for the blog. At the January 7th meeting, during the social time, get with your group and look at themes on Choose the theme you want for your blog, write the name of it down and give it to Mrs. Moody.

Step 2: Choose a title for your blog.

Steps 3 & 4 are to be completed between January 7 and January18.

Step 3:

1. In your group, decide which scene each of you will write about so that all your posts are not about the same scene.

2. Create a posting calendar so that each of you publishes your post on a different date between January 18 and February 4.

3. Trade posting calendars with the other group.

4. Look at the posting calendar the other group gave you and choose dates you will respond to their posts. Makes sure someone responds to each of the posts in the other group.

5. Trade the completed responding calendars with each other.

Here is a calendar you may use if you like:

Step 4: Once you have an address for your group’s blog, go to my website,, and email the address to me so I can sign up as a follower. Ask people like your grandparents, cousins, and friends and youth leaders to sign up for the RSS feed and to comment on your post. Respond to all comments as if you are having a conversation.

Writing and Responding to the posts from January 18 to February 4.

Step 5: Step into the shoes of your character and write a post.

* Visit The Three Musketeers LitClub Blog.

 * Using FIRST PERSON, write an interesting expose about  what you were thinking or feeling during a particular scene using the voice of your character.


* Check the blog every day this week and make comments to new posts using the first person voice of your character. If everyone does this it will be something to be proud of and very interesting to read at our meeting.

Step 6: The meeting on February 4, 2013

Come dressed like your character.

We will browse your finished blogs by having you read aloud the post you wrote and the responder to your post will read their responses.

The Treasure Chest:

Directions for writing a post

-300 – 500 words

-Clear beginning, middle, and end

-Ask a question at the end of your post.

-Type the question in bold. This is how you get people to comment on the post.

-Check your tense and make sure you are consistent

Photos make the post interesting. (directions below)

-Have someone check your grammar. You are writing for the publicJ

Directions for placing a photo on your post

1. Go to Photo Bucket

2. Search for a photo that brings your content to life.

3. If you hover your mouse over the photo a little box appears. Click on the link beside HTML. This copies the link. If you don’t do the hover thing and you have clicked on an image then look at the bottom right corner. Click the link beside HTML. This highlights the link. Copy it.

4. Now that you have the HTML code copied, go to your post. At the top right hand corner of your posting area where you are creating the post, there is an option: Visual or HTML. Click HTML. Find the place you want to place the photo and put your cursor there. Paste the photo. Click back to VISUAL and see the photo.

5. To size the photo, click it. At the top left there will be two icons. The red circle will delete the photo. Click the other one to resize the image. Voila!

Visit blogs to get some ideas

Before you set up your blog it will be helpful to get ideas about how you want to structure yours and to learn what people write on them and what kind of tone is heard when you read it.

Here are a few trusted sites you can visit.

A simple guide to writing a good post: This particular page will help you write a good post.

Make your post fun and including video:

Simple Style & Design

You may want to write a description of yourself, add a picture and then write your post. When I can visualize the person that I am listening to on a blog I enjoy reading it more.

A page describing characters:





Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. I’m always so impressed with your lessons and what the students come up with. I hope they enjoy the book and coming up with a blog post!

  2. Awe, Tameri, I appreciate your thoughts. I have so much respect for your writing and opinions. When the blog project is complete at the end of this week I will post a link. I am looking forward to how it turns out.

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