Eve Loses Her Identity

Project presentations make our literature club unique. The projects aren’t your average run of the mill assignment. If at all possible we stretch our imaginations to invent the most enjoyable project possible. At the same time the project is designed to provide mental gymnastics for the kids. They do the thinking work at home as they prepare the project. By the time they arrive at the meeting it’s time to enjoy their work. If you are reading Paradise  this year maybe you would like to share this project with your literature club.

This project stole my heart the first time we did it for literature club. We had read The Hiding Place which is one of my all time favorites. I am amazed by Corrie Ten Boom’s rock solid belief about who she is according to the way God defines her. She also had a stubborn belief about who God says he is. This gave me the idea to create a project for the kids so that they would have to analyze their identity in Christ as well as build each other up as members of the Body of Christ. Here’s what we are doing for Paradise Lost written by John Milton.

Book Title: Paradise Lost   Author: John Milton         Publishing Date: 1667 & 1674

Goal: Proverbs 4:23
, “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. “

We always act out of our heart and we always do what we want to do. Our behavior demonstrates what we truly believe. When we remember who we are in Christ our thoughts, words and actions demonstrate this belief. When we forget who we are in Christ our behavior betrays here as well. It is impossible to hide who we believe we are.

If life were a two-sided coin, one side would be our identity according to what God says about us and the other would be how God defines himself. Believing God about both sides produces life within us and for others.

Who are you? How do you measure yourself? Do you compare yourself to others in order to see where you stack up? How do you love others? When your close friends are around is it difficult to sit beside the person your friends usually make snide remarks about? We all do these things when we forget who we are.

We need to help each other remember what it means to be a child of God. We need an anchor. A measure that is sure and unbreakable. If our identity is planted in truth, we are prepared for the surges of doubts that ebb and flow in our personal lives and in a divided culture.

In Paradise Lost, Eve forgets who God is. She forgets who she is. She forgets about her desperate need for God to tell her how to live. The Serpent toys with her until she begins to doubt God’s goodness. The desire to rule her life swelled up so big that it outweighed the truth, “You shall not eat or you will surely die.” We are not unlike Eve. Too often gaining the approval of others feels so much more important than loving and serving the King.

I say, “Let’s do something about it!”

Build an Identity Collage

For this project you will build two different collages. The first collage will display your identity and the second collage will show the identity of the friend you were assigned.


Step 1: THE BASE

For the base of the collage, you may not use a plain square or rectangular poster board or flat piece of paper. It must be a 3-D representation. Your base will be in the shape of an object that symbolizes your interest(s).

For example if you are a pianist, then create a 3-D object in the shape of a piano. To this you will pin or glue objects and pictures that represent your true identity. If your free time is occupied by playing baseball then glue or tape your identity pictures to a baseball bat.


Glue, pin, sew, tape, tie, or staple your objects and pictures to the base and think about how you will explain the parts to the group.

  1. Read Ephesians chapters 1 and 2.  Use any other passage you want that defines who you are according to God.
  2. Make a list of the traits found in the passages: loved, chosen, daughter/son of God, etc. It’s a lengthy list so if you have a short one, go back and read the passages again.
  3. Create a collage that represents your identity as God defines it. This is not prideful.
  4.  Find objects and/or pictures that represent these traits and attach them to your collage base.
  5. Collect scriptures, stories, poems, and lyrics to demonstrate these traits.
  6. Find some that show how to stand against the tide and live securely in your real identity. You can also gather magazine clippings, Internet pictures, and pieces of fabric, and other small objects that represent a true identity. Make it as 3-D as possible.


Now follow the direction above and make a similar collage for the person you were assigned. The purpose is to show this person how his or her life is ministering the person of Jesus Christ to a watching world.


You will display and explain your personal collage to the group and then the collage you made about your friend.

Have Fun!!

… and remember…

You are awesome in the sight of the Lord!

How about you? How do you stand firm in your identity in Christ? Where do you go when you feel yourself forgetting?


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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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