King Arthur Was My Cousin

Of course King Arthur isn’t really my cousin, but if I am to enjoy Le Morte d’ Arthur it will do me good to get acquainted with Sir Thomas Malory and his characters as if they are my relatives. Every book is written by a human who lived, worked, played and wrote in the context of his surroundings. Getting to know the landscape of his world brings his book to life. An old book only seems old if we forget the reality in which is was created. The author drank coffee when he woke up and maybe he walked his dog before he sat down to write the story before us. The author of Le Morte d’Arthur, Sir Thomas Malory was born in 1405 and died in 1471.  It is believed to have been in prison when he began work on this story in the 1450s. He completed the manuscript in 1470.

During his lifetime one of the first public banks was founded in Genoa, Joan of Arc led the French against the English and IVan the Great rules in Russia. He survives The War of the Roses and gets to experience the reality of Johann Gutenberg completing first printed Bible.

Take a few minutes to read about the culture in which Le Morte d’ Arthur was written. Your reading experience just might be more fun if you do.

This is a general link with information about Daily Meals in the Middle Ages. At the bottom of this post you will find recipes for your Middle Ages themed meal

Medicine in the Middle Ages

Clothing/Costumes for the Middle Ages It’s a free download but you don’t have to download it to see the boo. At the top middle of the screen there is a little box /65. Before the / put the page number you want to view and hit enter. 

This is a great site to see the latest fashions between 1300 and 1470 and design a costume if you need one.


Henry V defeats French at Agincourt

Jan Hus, Bohemian preacher and follower of Wycliffe, burned at stake in Constance as heretic.


Portugal’s Prince Henry the Navigator sponsors exploration of Africa’s coast.


Joan of Arc leads French against English, captured by Burgundians (1430) and turned over to the English, burned at the stake as a witch after ecclesiastical trial (1431).


Florence becomes center of Renaissance arts and learning under the Medicis.


Ivan the Great rules Russia until 1505 as first czar; ends payment of tribute to Mongols.

ONE STOP SHOPPING SPOT FOR RECIPES FROM THE MIDDLE AGES. This site is organized by country and by kind. It is easy to navigate and find what you want.

What about you? Have you ever poked around the life of an author so his book would become more alive to you? Do you have any Middle Ages recipes to share with us?

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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