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Do you want your children to enjoy books? Would you like it if they experienced the classics? If I told you there is a way for your children to read the classics AND enjoy them would you want to start your own literature club? Does it look too difficult or maybe you believe you aren’t equipped?

I want to show you that you have everything you need right at your fingertips. First of all, I am sharing all our materials for this year. The work is done for you. So far there are three months of materials right here, just for you. Just get some friends and start. The second reason might surprise you. There’s one simple element that makes facilitating a classical literature a snap, THE KIDS.
If ten teenage boys come to dinner at your house after football practice, would you need to twist their arms in order to get them to eat supper? Of course not. Literature club isn’t any different. If you’re timid about starting a club, listen carefully. The materials on this blog are like a smorgasbord of ideas that are laid before the kids. They munch on a few and devour others. In the end, it’s the kids that do the work and make the club exceptional. Your job is to love on them and  be amazed with their minds and creativity. Pretty sweet deal, right?
Here’s what I mean.
In September we read Ivanhoe. Not the easiest read, but a good story. It took me seven chapters to get hooked. You have to want it, to get it, when you read some of the classics, but in ten years of participating in literature club, not one person has ever quit on a tough read. Unfathomable, right?
Let me tell you why. Last night we discussed Ivanhoe and they presented their multimedia projects. Please help yourself to the project explanation that we usedSome of the kids presented PowerPoint presentations. I don’t have those in a format that I know how to share, but they were very well done.  Watch the following videos and imagine this happening in your home when you start a classical literature club.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. These kids are the best! Love their creativity and seeing what they come up with for each book! They definitely know how to think outside the box! So fun!

  2. They are definitely having fun!

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