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Project presentations make our literature club unique. The projects aren’t your average run of the mill assignment. If at all possible we stretch our imaginations to invent the most enjoyable project possible. At the same time the project is designed to provide mental gymnastics for the kids. They do the thinking work at home as they prepare their work. By the time they arrive at the meeting it’s time to enjoy their work. If you are reading Ivanhoe this year maybe you would like to share this project with your club.

Author: Sir Walter Scott                  Setting Date: 1190s                  Publishing Date: 1819

Multimedia Presentation:

Using Technology to Convey Your Message

Purpose: Demonstrate your understanding of an idea by teaching it with a multimedia tool.

Example: Four years ago, the goal of this project was for the student to recreate a scene that would demonstrate his understanding of one of the themes in the novel. Here is James’s interpretation of the project in 2008. While the project goal this year is different, I thought you might enjoy seeing an example: Les Miserables Multimedia Project


1. Choose a goal for your presentation – to persuade, to inform, to report, or to review. Ask yourself, “What do I want to accomplish? Am I reviewing information to help others make a decision, presenting information to persuade others, or reporting the facts to educate others? ”

2. Choose the mode of technology you want to use: write a script and make a movie, produce a PowerPoint presentation, create a webpage, or maybe you have another technological skills you want to use.

Ideas to get your creative juices flowing:

Using the story of Ivanhoe, show the literary elements that you would include on a Literary Analysis paper: characters, point of view, plot, theme, setting, texture, style, and artistry.

Ivanhoe was written for enjoyment, not to teach history. Create a project that shows which parts are fact and which are made up for entertainment.

Reenact a scene with costumes, props, and dialog. Act it out yourself, make a Lego stop motion movie, or ….

Choose a character and write a monologue that will persuade someone to read the book. Memorize your monologue, dress in costume and have someone videotape you.

On the next page you will find directions for three kinds of multimedia projects.

Multimedia Suggestions:

Make a movie – Reenact a scene and publish it to YouTube so we can watch it next month. It can be with real people, Lego men, claymation or what ever you come up with as along as you choose a goal and meet it. Include a title, and credits to make it look professional. You might use this technique to entertain, review, inform or persuade your audience.

PowerPoint presentation – A PowerPoint Presentation should be just what the titles implies, points. Each screen should have pictures and points you want to make but not your dialog. Don’t include paragraphs. Let your voice do that when we watch the presentation or if you are really technological, add your voice to the slides:):) Add music if you like. Be creative. You might use this technique to review, inform or persuade your audience..

Web page – Create a page that is full of texture in the literary sense of the word. The page should make the reader “feel” the book; it’s characters, message, point of view, plot, theme, setting, style, artistry etc. should point the web reader toward an understanding of the book and possibly cause him to want to read the book. You might use this technique to inform or persuade or give a review to your reader.

Your ideas — If you have another idea about how to report on Ivanhoe using technology, then go for it. I’ll be excited to see what you come up with. We will watch these when we get together on October 1.


* Save your project in a format that we can view it at our meeting..

* Time limitation: 3-5 minutes.

What about you? Do you like this idea? Have you ever prepared a multimedia project for literature?

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. Ali, this idea is fascinating. Combining the story that takes place in the XII century with the advanced technology resources can produce amazing effects.

    Ivanhoe was one of my most favorite stories when I was about 10 years old. I haven’t read it since though, so I can’t remember everything. I should read it again. It would, most likely, transport me back to my childhood!

    • You had such great opportunities as a child to read the classics. Most people I know did not have them at home and were not ask to read them in school. I love it that you know all these stories. Monday night the kids will present their projects. I hope it will be possible to put them here for others to use as examples. I decided this year to pretty much give the book away on the side of the work the kids are assigned so each week I post what the kids have opportunity to do like essays, historical research and project assignments. I hope it blesses people who want to have fun with books.

    • You know, it didn’t occur to me about te connection between the time periods. It’s neat by mistake

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