The (lack of) Anticipation is Killing Me

Luke 15:1, “Now the tax collectors and sinners were all drawing near to hear him.”

Anticipating God’s presence equips me to know, grow and share HIStory with others.

When I began writing I created a website and a blog. I wanted them to complement each other and they didn’t. This bothered me so, I decided I ought to get a professional to tie things together. If you like the looks at my place, you can contact, Erin, at Insight Designs.

Combining my blog and website was not an over night project. First, I explained to Erin, who I am and what I want. Then I waited for a response. Erin and I decided we wanted to work together on this project and she sent me a questionnaire. I worked on it in small sections, as there were many decisions to be made. After each email to her, I waited. I anticipated her responses because I was so excited about the remodel. One morning it occurred to me that I ought to look for God, his ways, and his plans with the same anticipation.

What prevents me from anticipating the presence of God?

Lack of knowledge about who Jesus really is prevents me from anticipating his presence. About ten years ago I started to learn that because I am in Jesus, I am NEVER condemned. This one fact changed my desire for him. I mean, who wants to knock on the door for visit with a person who condemns you? Not me. I discovered other things I believed about him that caused me not to see his beauty. It is his beauty that draws me toward him. A friend of mine recently wrote a post that shows the beauty of Christ. Enjoy!

Unbelief prevents me from anticipating the presence of God.

1. When I think of God as distant, inactive, and uncaring I really don’t expect him to participate in my life. His word tells me he is always with me and since I’m his child, he will never leave me.
TRUTH: As his child, I cannot mess life up so badly that he will leave me.

2. I forget who I am in Christ and then being a daughter of the King doesn’t even cross my mind. If I do not believe I am his child, I behave as though I am his enemy. Enemies don’t care for one another.
TRUTH: As God’s child, I am never his enemy.

3. I do not believe he has anything I need or want. When I was waiting for Erin to respond I knew she had something I wanted, website design. I believed it was in her ability to give me what I wanted. I eagerly waited for her emails. I checked early in the morning and late at night to see if she had responded.
TRUTH: Go to the Psalms and read, relax and ponder the psalmist knowledge of how much he needed God. Ask God to show me how much I need him.

Sin prevents me from anticipating the presence of God.

1. When I am blinded by Sin and unaware of my rebellion against God, I live as though he doesn’t want me when the reality is, I don’t want him. I want my way.
TRUTH: Listen with an accepting ear when a friend attempts to remove the blindfold from my heart of sin. Repent and turn. Ask God for grace to want his ways more than my own.

2. When I sin and justify my actions, I work to justify myself, clean myself up in light of the sin I embrace. I avoid God because I think he is avoiding me. Sin is deceptive.
TRUTH: Tell a trusted friend I am struggling with sin. Be honest. Ask for prayer. Humble myself.

As a sinner, saved by grace, how can I anticipate the presence of God?
I make it a routine part of my prayers to ask God to reveal where I oppose him knowingly or unknowingly. It’s important to consider other people’s insights before rejecting them and ask for help as I grow in grace and knowledge. This is a war folks. No one wins a battle alone. A life of repentance draws us near to God, makes us stronger Kingdom followers, and gives us a story to share.

So, how do you anticipate God’s presence in order to know, grow or show History to others? Does anything stand in your way?


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  1. Ali, this is such a beautiful post. There is so much inspiration in your words. I rely on Holy Spirit for protection every day. I feel His presence around me whenever I ask for help. He always shows me the right way, and even sins don’t prevent me from believing that He forgives and makes me stronger to continue on the right path.

    • Do you live it that our sin doesn’t block us from his care if we are his children? Life wouldn’t be worth living if that were not the case. Good to see you Angela.

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