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We’ve waited for weeks. It’s finally here. My son and his friends are geared up and ready to go. I just left the grocery store with ingredients to make queso, my special recipe, *YUM-YUM* shrimp, pulled beef for barbecue sandwiches, brownie mix and six kinds of soda. We’re having a Hunger Games party and it only seems fitting to splurge on food in honor of the victor. You know the only one left in the arena when the games are over. The one whose family will never go hungry again.

Have you read the series? Then you know what I mean. If you haven’t, too many details will spoil the fun and I don’t want to do that.

Do you like a movie to follow the book or vary a little?

When a book is made into a movie the number one comment I hear is about how well the movie makers followed the book. Some people love it when the movie is exactly like the book and others don’t. I actually like a little deviation from the book. I’m easily bored by repetition. If the movie follows the book step by step, a copycat film, I squirm in my seat and get a little fidgety. On the other hand I like respect to be given to the author of the book by maintaining her story line with its themes and nuances. Making a model of her book suites my taste.

What about you? Do you want the Hunger Games movie to be like the book or not? Cast your vote below. If you like, leave an explanation in the comment section. After we get home from the midnight showing I’ll let you know whether the film was a copycat or model film.

Do you want the Hunger Games movie to be exactly like the book or a similar to it?
  • exactly like the book.
  • modeled after the book.

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. SOoo, I did not even know what Hunger Games was until last week. I was completely oblivious! Do we really come from the same upbringing? But when someone said something about it and explained it to me, I said “Oh, I bet my brothers know all about it.” And I was right!

    • Yes, you were right. It’s a great book. One of those you can’t put down until it’s over. If you get a chance go see it. The guys are here now playing board games and eating queso, shrimp, barbecue sandwiches and sweets. It starts at midnight!

  2. Hiya,
    saw the movie last night and they have made some really interesting modifications to bring the book to life on the screen- to help make the story make more sense. Bearing in mind the book is narrated completely from Katniss’ point of view, it really helps the story to see some things from outside her perspective.
    I won’t reveal more for fear of spoiling, but people will know what I mean when they see it.
    I’m sure fans will love it, it is really really fabulous!

    • Ali Dent says:

      The movie qualifies as a good summary of the book. The main points are there but some of the deeper points of characterization are missing. I’m still thinking through and discussing criticisms with my son. Will we go a second time? Yes.

  3. I can’t WAIT to see this movie…squeee….GREAT poll!!!

  4. Jim Dent says:

    I can not be constrained to say one way or another. I like for a movie to interpret a book. I suppose that this means some change is okay. I believe a movie is like seeing the book on the screen of the minds eye of another reader. We all get visual images when we read a book, and mine are different than yours. When I see yours (the movie maker) it can enrich and transform the images I see when I read.

  5. I have to admit, I tried to read the book, but there was so much hype and people telling me I *had* to read it and so I put it down. I’m taking my son tomorrow to see it and he’s way excited.

  6. I have read all three books in the trilogy when they first came out. They are wonderful in so many aspects. The third book is a bit different than the first two, and I’ve heard a lot of negative opinions about it. But I have enjoyed them all.

    I like your poll idea, Ali! Ideally, I would love the movie to follow closely the book, but often it might not be easy. Although it irritates me when a movie is very different from the book it was supposed to be based on (for example The Bourne Ultimatum by Robert Ludlum).

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