Having Fun With Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar

Photo by Nathan Jones

Our High School Litearture Club is reading Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar this month. We’ll get together for a Roman/Italian meal and discussion about the play on April 2. The project for the play is called, “Create a Blog.” The kids were divided into two groups. One group will make a blog supporting Julius Caesar as King and the other group will be the conspirators. I’m looking forward to the kiddos interpretation of the project.

Links to their blogs: 

Perry for Caesar  & The Platypus Unveiled 

Below is a video of Marc Antony’s Speech by Impressionist Jim Meskimen. He entertains us by using various Celebrity Voices to deliver the speech. Have fun!

Do you like Shakespeare?

What kind of fun things have you experienced in connection with a book?

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. I have been fascinated with Shakespeare since high school.
    This project sounds great – I’m looking forwsrd to reading the blogs that these teens create!

  2. I love that there is a pro-Caesar group and the conspirators! It’ll be fun to see what they come up with – so much raw creativity produces amazing stuff. I really enjoy these posts, Ali.

    I couldn’t get the video to work – but will go find the link on youtube.

    • Ali Dent says:

      Sorry the video didn’t work but I’m happy your still going to view it. It will give you a great laugh. I agree, raw creativity does produce amazing stuff. I think that is one reason I keep having clubs. I never know where my project ideas will lead the kids. Every meeting is a surprise and great entertainment.

  3. What a fabulous way to start my week! That video was ~ yep, you know what I’m going to say ~ CRACKLESAUCE!! He nailed every voice and I still got the speech through the theatrics. Too bad I saw this today and not earlier, I totally would’ve gone up to L.A. to see him. I’m going to check out his website for future dates. LOVE.

    I am so excited for this project you have the kids doing and am thrilled you’re going to post links! In high school I was on the debate team and they often had us debate the side we didn’t agree with. It taught me to always look at a situation from both sides before making a decision. I still do that. Great post, Ali. I’m going to bookmark it for a future spotlight on my blog.

  4. Ali Dent says:

    Yes, it is CRACKLESAUCE!!! The kids are writing posts now. When a few are published, I will send you the link. Maybe you can comment to them and it’s okay to tell them you’re my friend. I’m encourage by your debate team stand on arguing the side you are against. I take that approach also but I had no idea it was done in school too. I want my kids to respond with RE: I teach them to be respectful and effective. When forced to learn a topic you are against, your thinking expands. For me, it’s ALWAYS important to listen to another person’s perspective before sharing ideas. That’s respectful. Then if your research is actuate one can be effective as well during the conversation.

  5. I just love reading about the fun and creative ways you engage kids in literature. So lovely!

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