The Worst Jobs in History

The setting for my book has the texture of Medieval Times with castles and sword fighting but not all work at the castle is glamorous and exciting. I want to learn more about life behind the scenes. I found a film series I want to share with you called The Worst Jobs in History.  There is a segment for the Dark Ages and one for the Victorian Ages, Middle Ages and so forth. The one on this page a quick little taste of what the show is like.

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First Quarter 2012 Plans, Week 9

Family Time

* Evenings, Saturdays and Sundays

Learn the Tenor Banjo

* I’m really enjoying this.

Writing Education

* Read one craft book.

Fiction Writing

Before 8:30 A.M., M-F

* This week I’m totally focusing on the characters. I’m writing a personality profile on each one.


1:30-4, M, T, W, F; Th-12-2

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. Interesting video, being a history lover I’ll have to look those up. I think the thing that gets missed the most when it comes to history is the smells. It is harder to carry those forward but the past was odoriferous in ways that cannot be described in modern thinking.

    Have a great week, Ali 🙂

    • Oh, Gene, thanks for mentioning the smells. I must remember that in my story. The other videos are entertaining too, just a bit longer.

    • Yep, I agree with Gene. We’ve eliminated so many of the odors which our ancestors considered normal – sweat, dirt, manure. Not saying I’d like to have those odors, but I do think it would shock us to have those same strong smells.

      Ali – I love that series about the worst jobs. Kind of enlightening isn’t it?

      Have a great week. You’ll have to share about your lessons on the banjo.

  2. Ewww, leather tanning! I had to research that for my upcoming release, part of which is set in prehistoric America. I didn’t put in too many details though – this is a romance, and romance readers prefer to gloss over the yucky stuff. I did briefly mention my time-travelers getting sick after they killed a deer – and had to prepare it.

    Have fun getting to know your characters, and good luck on your other goals, too!

    • Jennette, I’m so glad you liked the video. I think it’s well done and feels like a BBC production, which I love. Hope your week is smashing!

  3. Well you are in good company Ali with all these historians. Wow! And you like the banjo do you? How much fun is that? I like the tone of your check in Ali. I can tell that you are a very content, calm person. And I bet that helps with your writing. And you are meeting your goals and that must feel great! Thanks for coming by and giving me your support Ali. I really do appreciate it! 🙂

    • Karen, you are so kind. I enjoy going to your blog. I enjoy myself every time. Thanks for stopping by to encourage me.

  4. LOL disgusting! I love these kinds of shows. Our girls have been getting into Horrible Histories, which I love to see because they are actually learning about history (and enjoying it!) while being entertained.

  5. I remember watching that series. Fascinating stuff. Great work with the goals! All the best for the upcoming week.

  6. Thanks for the look into the less glamorous side of things! Regarding smells. One of my writing buddies said people didn’t bathe often, and they didn’t smell very good, but as everyone smelled the same way, it was a customary presence. But when I think of the other things folks must have had to face, I am so grateful to be living in these times.

    The series is great, and I wish I had been exposed to as talented a teacher as you are when history was a boring subject in high school. History can be one of the most fascinating subjects for young folks if, like novels, the teacher includes action and the senses, to put the student into the ancient scenes. Like you do!

    • Oh Marion, I’m blushing.
      I too had very uninteresting history classes u neil my second year of college. That professor understood that history is about people not events. From then on history was alive for me.

  7. Ooooh, I love history and especially anything that sheds light on the not-so-glamourous aspects of medieval life. The heroine of my book goes from Earth to another world that is basically like the Middle Ages and it’s quite a shock. Things like not bathing, travel, etc. It’s been fun to research and write. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tameri, you’re writing fantasy too. My setting looks Medievalish too. It is really fun to create it, don’t you think?

  8. I love this show…have shown excerpts in class to illustrate the ingenuity of older generations. The host is a fabulous hoot!

  9. Fascinating video, Ali. Good luck with your focus on character work this week!

  10. I once told my mother that I wish I had been born a century or more before and wore the long flowing gowns and she said, “We would have been peasants mucking stalls or serving ail you wouldn’t have been wearing pretty dresses.” Always the realist.

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful reminder that not everyone wore beautiful gowns.


    • Your mother has a point but I had the same dream as you. My second daughter, the one I wrote about in Does Your Hero Have An Achilles Heel, shares my dreams. I think our love for the past began we read The Little House series. These days I wonder if my love for the past is the romantic part of my brain where the writer lives.

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