The Three Faces of Eve, part 3

The Inherited Face of Eve

“I won’t avoid God,” Eve says to herself, “if I enjoy the best things. I will still want to be with him even if I become like him. Once we’re equals our relationship will be better.” I take a bite and I am stunned. Sadly, deeply stunned and ashamed.

What must Eve have felt like at this moment? She walked with God. He talked with her. They shared intimate moments with each other. He knew her and she knew him. The Serpent makes friends with her and appeals to her sense of pride and self-importance. He suggests God is sneaky and deceptive. He tempts her to doubt God’s words and consider what it is like to be God. She likes this idea: “To be like God,” she dreams. She consummates her desires. BOOM! One bite and she loses everything. Immediately she feels separated from God. The Created Face of Eve was whole in body and spirit. Now, she feels a separation within herself. Her Fallen Face emerges. Eve is dying. Click here to read part 1& part 2.

God’s Response

I, Eve, sit behind a tree with my husband, Adam squirming to satisfy the itch on my back coming from the leaves we made to cover us. I feel sick and afraid. I feel clogged up and boxed in. There is a strange darkness that confuses me.

“What if he finds us, Adam?“
“I don’t know, Eve.”
“He comes here every day, Adam. Do you think he knows what I did?”
Then a voice enters their darkness, “ Where are you?”

God’s first act after Eve’s sin was to enter her darkness to talk to her; a hint of his intention to restore what as broken.

“Eve, you were deceived by a great enemy who hates me and everything I create. He wants to destroy all evidence of me. This is why he came to you. He thinks he has dealt me a great blow but there is a secret I will tell you that has been carefully guarded through all eternity; it is an inheritance I planned for you. Only I the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are privy to this knowledge. Before I created this marvelous world, I decided you would be holy and blameless through a deliverer that I am sending through you, Eve. My dear sweet, Eve, I know you hate what you’ve done and you see no way out but take heart, I have made a way. Do you believe me?”

I think Eve probably worshipped with praise and adoration because she clearly sees she did not deserve this. On the heels of her destructive behavior, in the darkest place she’s ever been, God brings light and life and responds to her with love, mercy, hope and redemption.

It’s no wonder Eve shouts for joy when she births Cain saying, “I have gotten a man with the help of the Lord.” And then after Seth, “God has appointed for me another offspring instead of Abel, for Cain killed him.” Eve believes the promise and expectes God to deliver.

God’s promise to Eve, her Seed will set her free from condemnation and enable her to love. I imagine Eve on her face at the feet of God washing his feet with her tears and wiping them with her hair. She was lost and now she’s found. She became blind and he makes her see. The Inherited Face of Eve believes the Seed will right what is wrong and restore what is alienated. She has hope.

Eve’s Created Face enjoys perfect harmony within herself, with God, Adam and creation. She is significant. Her Fallen Face is full of shame, all hope is lost, and she begins to die. God enters her broken, helpless state and gives her a promise, an inheritance of great riches, a Savior who will redeem her back to her former glory. The Inherited Face of Eve belongs to us when we trust in God’s Deliverer, the Seed of Eve, Jesus, for salvation.

In the garden, Eve needed God to feed her, clothe her and tell her about life and so do I, but in one sense, I think I have it better. God doesn’t just walk and talk with me, he lives in me and I am in him. Some how that seems better.
What do you think?

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  1. I believe we must have it better than Eve, since we know the Promise was fulfilled. Don’t you?

    Ali, thanks for this series. I’ve not thought about Eve in these ways and I am much more sympathetic to her than I have been.

  2. I think we have it better too. We have the Spirit within us and somehow that’s got to be better and farther reaching. Wherever we go, others experience him.

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