The Three Faces of Eve, part 2

The Fallen Face

Yesterday we looked at The Created Face of Eve and discovered the perfect harmony and significance she felt within herself, with God, creation and Adam. We left the discussion with this question, “Will the created face of Eve last for eternity?”

Eden, God’s place for his children, was simply perfect. When I put myself in Eve’s place, I imagine waking every day unaware of anxiety and the internal tension of already but not yet that I can’t escape. There’s no clock to punch or achy joints from lack of sleep on a mattress that needs replacing. Instead I wake up looking forward to my work and my daily walks and conversations with God. I love his word and how gently he explains life to me. I grow to love him more and more when He tells me all about himself. I grow in appreciation for myself as he tells me who I am and all the plans he has for me. My identity is being shaped and I love learning about myself and the intricate connection my identity has to his explanation about himself. There’s a mystery to it all and I love it. Every day he feeds my body and soul. I have an intense awareness that He is life and without him I am nothing. I’m convinced God is good, I am good, Creation is good and Life is good. I am alive and it is good.

Eve loves God and his creation but roaming in the garden is one who hates God and wants to destroy him. He watches the King of King’s delight when he walks with the crowns of his creation in the cool of the day. He sneaks behind bushes and listens to their conversations. He sees Eve’s growth in wisdom and knowledge. He loathes how her affections for God are growing exponentially and it makes him sick at his stomach. He’s consumed with bitterness and thinks, “The more that arrogant Thing, who idolizes himself, talks to her the more she loves him. Her significance grows the more he explains life to her. As she grows, the image of God radiates everywhere she goes. His glory multiplies. I must put an end it!” Growling and heaving with nausea, he creeps into the shadows to devise a plan.

One day before lunch, I, Eve am working in the Garden. Satan arrives at his regular time for a chat.

“Hi, Satan, it’s so good to see you,” I say.

“How are you?” he asks.

“I’m fine and you?”

“Oh, I’m doing well,” he replies. “Are you picking vegetables for supper?”

“Yes. I’m sorting through my choices and thinking about what to make Adam for dinner. He told me this morning he was craving vegetable soup. I want to get the stew started early so I am free when God comes to talk to us.”


Thinking he sounds kind of disappointed I ask, “Why did you say it like that?”

“Uh,, it’s nothing.”

“The soup sounds delicious. Will you add  any ingredients from the Tree in the center of the garden?” he asks.

“Oh, no. Don’t you know we’re not supposed to eat from it or we’ll die.”

“Really?” He says. “Did God say you couldn’t or shouldn’t eat from it? “

I think over the difference between the two words. I think they mean the same thing. Don’t they? Interrupting my thoughts Satan says, “Did God actually say, ‘You shall not eat from any tree in the garden’?”

“Oh no. He said we may eat of the fruit of the trees in the garden but we shall not eat of the fruit of the tree that is in the midst of the garden, neither shall we touch it, lest we die.” I say.

“Oh my dear friend Eve, you will not surely die. You see, God knows that when you eat of it your eyes will be opened and you will be like Him, knowing good and evil.”

Considering this, I think that maybe God doesn’t want me to have the best food in the garden or maybe he thinks that if I get the best things, I’ll avoid him. Hum….“Really. You think so? “ I say.

“Maybe.” He says.

I won’t avoid God if I enjoy the best things. I will still want to be with him even if I become like him. Once we’re equals our relationship will be better. I take a bite and I am stunned. Sadly, deeply, stunned…. and ashamed.

What must Eve have felt at this moment? She walks with God. He talks with her. They share intimate moments with each other. He knows her and she knows him. The Serpent makes friends with her and appeals to her sense of pride and self-importance. He suggests God is sneaky and deceptive. He tempts her to consider what it is like to be God. She likes this idea: to be like God. She consummates her desires and BOOM! She loses everything. Immediately she feels separate from God. Before, she was whole in body and spirit. She felt unified with God. Now, she feels a separation deep within herself. Eve is dying.

Satan is cunning and crafty. He teases Eve about her foolish, innocent trust in God. She weighs her experience about God against purely imaginary gains suggested by Satan and makes a very unreasonable choice. There is no excuse or adequate explanation for her choice. She feels terrible. She feels afraid. She hides. Eve is intensely aware of loss, great loss. She feels a loss of relationship with God. She feels the separation between her body and spirit. She no longer feels adequate or sane. She loses confidence in herself and her identity. The harmony that once existed with creation is gone as judgment descends on everything. Eve feels a lack of intimacy with Adam. She doubts God. She’s clothed in shame. Her created face is spoiled. Gone.

Alone and abandoned, Eve sits down and cries, “I am alone. Alone? Yes, alone. And I’m dying,”  

Harmony and Significance are lost.

Is it forever?

To read the answer follow this link and read, The Inherited Face of Eve.

How do you imagine Eve felt?

How do you feel when all seems lost?

Do you think she felt exasperated with herself that she led Adam to this end?

How did she feel about creation being judged because of her disobedience?

What are your thoughts when you think shame will swallow you up into the deep darkness?


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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. I’ve never really considered what shame Eve may have felt after the Fall. Surely there were harsh words? Surely she replayed that scene in her head three thousand times?

    That’s her legacy to me, at least. Self-doubt. Self-loathing over past sins.

    Even though I know better, in those dark moments, then the self-recrimination starts.

    Thoughtful series, Ali.

    • I hadn’t thought of her feelings either until I began thinking through this series. She was a woman just like you and me and no doubt her legacy lives on in us but there is hope which we’ll discover in part 3, The Inherited Face of Eve.

  2. I am a world class mess up! I identify with Eve. I have no doubt about whether I’d have resisted the fruit. I probably just wouldn’t have held out as long as she did!

    When I’m at rock bottom, I press close to His heart. There I hear the rhythm of grace which calls to my soul and covers my sin.

    • Shannon, I too would have eaten the fruit. Sometimes I wonder if the bite had to take place, otherwise we would know Jesus as Savior. It’s just a thought I kick around.

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