“Women of God: Harlots, Tricksters, Judges and Queens”

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I need your input. Would a series called,

“Women of God: Harlots, Tricksters, Judges and Queens.”   interest you?  Please leave a comment on the blog if this study sounds interesting to you.

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Why are the stories about women given to us in the Bible?

The Need for Rescue

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God, whole and intact but they went against God’s orders and sin entered the world. What happened to them? Did they become completely evil through and through? No, but every part of their being was tainted by sin. Were they capable of good thoughts? Yes, but not all the time. Was it possible to do a good act for a friend? Yes, but not all the time and not without selfish motives. Before they sinned they experienced perfect intimacy with God. Afterwards, they hid: a perfect sign of lack of intimacy.

God’s Grace and Mercy

God responded to their rejection with mercy and grace. His first act was to sacrifice an animal and make clothes for them in their hiding place. This was an act of grace; a demonstration showing the need for payment for their sin. Sin can’t stand in the presence of holiness. He was showing them that one day he would reverse the problem by a Sacrifice that would make it possible for all who believe to enjoy the intimacy once shared in the Garden.

He also responded with mercy. His next act was to remove them from the Garden of Eden. They were told not to eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil and they disobeyed but there was another tree in the Garden, the tree of life. Eating of this tree meant you would live forever. God removed them from the Garden so they wouldn’t eat of this tree and remain in a sinful state for all eternity. His mercy endures forever!

The Great Reversal

All through scripture we see God demonstrating his plan, his love and desire to restore his people to their place in the Garden: a place of intimacy with him. Stories about women in the Bible teach us what it’s like to be human and need a Savior. There’s Eve, Sara, Deborah, Esther, Elizabeth, Mary the mother of Jesus, the prostitute who wept at Jesus’ feet, Hosea’s wife, the woman at the well, Abigail (wife of Nabal and King David), Abishag, Anna, Deborah, Dorcas, Eunice, Euodias, Hannah, Joanna, Lois, Lydia of Thyatira, Mary & Martha, Milcah, and Phebe. Their lives are recorded for our encouragement.

What do their stories teach us about who God is and who he calls us to be? The answer to these questions is what I want to explore in 2012.

Would a study like this interest you?

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  1. Hi Ali!
    I’d be quite interested in a series like this. I think there could be a lot to learn from the women in the Bible.
    Have a great day1

    • Thanks for telling me. It’s hard to know what people like until you get feedback though comments. I appreciate the time you took to do this.

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