Literature Club Tonight! Greek Dinner and Worldview Discussion

Tonight our high school classical literature club is getting together to have a Greek meal and discuss Oedipus the King. These are a few of the questions we will think through.

Worldview Connections, Oedipus the King

Spreading the Kingdom

During our discussion next time we will talk about these things as well as things that are on your focus paper.

1. The play begins and he’s already killed his father and married his mother. What’s the tragedy?

2. For the Greeks: Does the play portray that there is free will or will of the gods?

3. Think It Through: Were you born as sinners? Are you a sacred son or daughter? What is your understanding about the tension between sin and righteousness that’s living within us all?

4. Think It Through: Your understanding of free will and will of God. Ask a parent, pastor, youth pastor to help you understand this from a theological perspective. Read authoritative writing on the subject. Your ideas won’t be debated next time. Maybe another day, but the purpose for now is that you have an answer that isn’t based solely on your opinion or the opinion of anyone but on scripture. It’s important you learn to defend your faith and love others. It’s easier said than done.

5. Study: 1 Corinthians 13:12
, “For now we see in a mirror dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I have been fully known.”

What about you? Choose a question and tell me how you would answer. I love two way conversations so please leave me a comment.

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. What great questions, Ali! I didn’t sit in on our Oedipus discussion last month, but Rachel said it was a good one. We’re both looking forward to next week’s discussion on Till We Have Faces. That was an EXCELLENT book. (We listened to the audio book narrated by Nadia May.)

  2. We had a marvelous discussion about fate and the Greek gods. Then we talked about how discussions over free will have started wars per se among friends and what our response ought to be when we see the conflict coming. How do we love others and not make enemies when this subject is braoched? It was fun and rich.

    We’ll discuss Till We Have Faces in February. I’ve read it 3 times and loved it every time. What is Rachel’s project? Our kids are going to do an “Extreme Makeover” of a scene. They will choose modern day characters from movies, books, cartoons, or wherever and rewrite the scene in a modern day location. The example we talked about was a scene with the Fox but make his character be Jack Sparrow. We laughed and laughed and laughed. I’m looking forward to their stories. I wish Rachel would write one for me.

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