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Our group in San Antonio is reading Oedipus the King this month. On January 2, the kids will present their projects and we’ll discuss the book. The project for this play is called Attorney/ Witness. Each person chooses a character who realistically could be put on trial and writes a dialog for the court scene between the accused and an attorney. The student chooses which person he will portray and then asks a partner to play the other role.

Today the young people are coming to my house to work with their partners. They will write the skits, choose costumes and practice. Afterwards we’re having a Christmas party. Below are pictures for them to use as a guide for creating costumes. If you’re uneasy about this let me give you a hint. The costumes aren’t meant to be professional theatre quality. The costume only has to give an illusion. Now if you’re a seamstress and love making costumes it’s likely you can whip up a marvelous costume for this event. I think that’s a wonderful idea but for those of us, me included, who aren’t seamstresses or we are too busy with other things, you can relax.

Let me show you.

Costumes for Ladies

There are several ways to make this work for you all of which will take about 15 minutes or less. Idea 1: “Fountain shirts” are popular this year. Grab a long skirt and one of these shirts. Add a head band worn like the picture and you’re set. Idea 2: Find a skirt in your closet and use a piece of fabric, scarf, table cloth, or sheet and form the top of this outfit. Use a safety pin behind the shoulders to secure it. Add the head band and you’re set.
Look below at the man’s costume.









Costumes for Guys

In the photo below, he’s wearing pants, a shirt that is not tucked in and a belt over the shirt. He has a sash worn diagonally and cloth over his shoulder. Color doesn’t matter. Whatever color pants and shirt he has is great. Any belt will do also. For the sash use a belt from your closet. It can be a belt made of any material. For the cloth on his shoulder use one of your scarves or a sheet. It’s okay if the scarf only hits him at his waist. You’re creating an illusion, not a replica.

One last idea. Oedipus wore a mask at the end of the play. Look below.







If Oedipus is on trial it would be fun for him to wear a mask. It can be as simple as a veil made from a scarf or for you creative types you can get as elaborate as you like. The whole point is that he wants to he hidden.







Have fun and share your Oedipus stories with me.

What do you think about Oedipus the King?

What projects did you do with this book?

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.

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