4 Steps to Help Your Child Find His Calling

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By Infinity Rain


Last weekend I enjoyed a conversation with two mothers about how to help our children discover and follow their calling.

Let’s just look at the fruit of that conversation and explore how we can help our children find their way toward a vocation.



What is our role? How can we  help?

First ask yourself, “What motivates me toward one thing and not another? Why do I chase one dream and not another?”

Because I like it.

Because I’m good at it.

Because I want to be better at it.

Because I can see how it affects others and serves them.

It’s the same for our children. Some children naturally follow their heart toward a calling and others aren’t sure where to go. To help them answer these questions we need to observe, encourage and be flexible as they grow, change and develop into the people God wants them to be.

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