Worship: The Wind of My Sails

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By wild thyme

My husband loves the Lord. He’s also a great writer. Recently, he had a very personal moment with our Savior and said he would be happy to share it with my readers. I’m very happy to introduce to you my husband, Jim, and his beautiful relationship with Jesus.

Lost, Drifting at Sea

My family and I just relocated to San Antonio, TX and even though we are thrilled to make this exciting city our home, we have not settled in. In fact, we are experiencing a very awkward time known as transition. We have not found our places yet in the body of Christ, ministering to others and being ministered to.

A few mornings ago I was discussing my situation with the Lord; I was venting my feelings. I told him that I felt like a boat adrift. I immediately had a mental image of a majestic sailing vessel drifting aimlessly in the sea. The remedy for the situation is too simple to miss; unfurl the sails, pick a way point, take the helm and get underway.

Naturally my mind went to thinking about the wind that propels a mighty ship forwards. I reasoned that I need a good strong wind to get moving. I was reminded of God’s Holy Spirit. The Bible is full of references that characterize the Holy Spirit as breath or wind. The Greek word used is Pneuma. It signifies a gentle wind, breath or blast from the mouth or nostrils. One of our modern day derivations of the word is pneumatic.

Pneumatic is an adjective that tells that a tool or device is moved or operated by the movement of forced or compressed air. Pneumatically is the adverb form that tells how something is powered. This is the exact adverb that we want to refer to us as Christians. We want to be pneumatically powered by the very breath of God, His Holy Spirit.

The ship gives a very good image of what we should do. Actually it doesn’t do that much. It just sits there and is moved by the wind. Think of us as doing the same. There is not much we can do under our own power, especially since we don’t have any power of our own. We need to harness the power of the wind.

The ship harnesses that power by (the crew) unfurling the sails. They catch the wind which moves the ship forward. If we continue with this analogy, then the obvious question is, “How do we as Christians unfurl our sails to harness the power of The Spirit?

The analogy gets especially good at this point, contrary to many analogies of the Christian walk that tend to break down under examination. The sail of a ship is passive; it just makes itself available to catch the wind. We must be the same, available.

That morning I just sat and prayed. I envisioned sitting with open hands like unfurled sails, as though I were receiving a benediction. I asked God to fill me with the power that would move me forward, His power, His Spirit.

Some days God answers such prayers later in the day through circumstances that cross my path. This particular day He gave me a name, a face and a purpose to fill in someone’s life. It was good; the wind filled my sails.

Living Outside the Lines Worships with Unfurled Sails

Have you been trying to minister under your own power?

Have you ever tried to blow into your sails to move your boat?


 Jim Dent

is a covenant family member, husband, father, home school dad and a process improvement professional. He makes his home is San Antonio, TX with Ali, James and Jon where he enjoys family activities and outdoor sports.

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