An Unexpected Love Story

These men have a habit of getting together to think and talk about cultural events. They are relaxing around a  delicious meal, enjoying conversation, laughing, listening, discussing ideas and possibly debating.

She walks in.

Her eyes are fixed on his. To her there is only one person in the room. Without removing her gaze she slowly walks toward him. He knows she’s there for him. He knows who she is. She walks behind him and kneels. He turns toward her. A tear rolls down her cheek. Her head bows and she works something with her hands. A fragrance drifts through the room. The men watch. She raises her hands to let down her long beautiful hair. He doesn’t take his eyes off her. She picks up her gift and begins to pour luscious, fragrant oil on him. She rubs it into his feet with her hair. She crys. He smiles. The men gasp. She’s only aware of him. He’s not embarrassed. The men whisper. His gaze is fixed upon her. The men rebuke.

He defends her.

Jesus doesn’t care about the ugliness of our past. He doesn’t turn away from prostitution or any other thing in our lives. He doesn’t reject us. He enjoys us and fixes his eyes on us.

That’s why he came. That’s why he lived. That’ why he died.

Unexpected Love Lives Outside the Lines

You are his bride, as she was. How do you express your love for Jesus?

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Want Help Starting Your Book Club? Read This Post.


  1. hi nieghbor…this is beautiful…I love…unexpected love lives outside the lines…
    Blessing to you as we love outside the lines…

  2. I am so glad He embraces us despite our pasts. His is truly a love unexpected.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday – thanks for writing!

  3. Brenda Chance says:

    Really beautiful! I'm so thankful for the read and the reminder that Jesus is always ready to receive our "unexpectedness."

  4. Oh, Ali. That was powerful. Thank you so much for this glimpse into God's heart. Wow – I never saw that moment with such drama and emotion. I was *there* as I read your words.

  5. Wow great story telling of such a well known story. Thanks for sharing

  6. Unexpected love lives outside the lines….

    So much truth (and freedom!) in those six words. Oh, to always live outside the lines with the lover of my soul~

    Beautiful post-

  7. Oh wow – I love where you took this. Just lovely. Thank you for linking up!

    • Dear Lisa-Jo, Your response encourages me so. I met you at Relevant11 and grew to admire you a lot. That's why I visited 5-minute Friday. My comment section of my blog has been broken. I'm just now able to login and see comments and make responses. I'm sorry it took so long to respond.

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