We moved 10 weeks ago and our family is in transition. We believe we’re where God wants us. We believe he led us to this place. What a comfort that is during this process! We’re trying to find our place and it takes time. I want my husband and sons to be happy. I look for ways to encourage them and help them find their way in our new city. I pray for them. I listen to them. I love them. Last week I began to feel sad. Unexplainable sadness. Obviously it was connected to our move and the grieving process that comes with it. I loved our life in Tyler and everyone that made it feel like home. Sadness is normal but I couldn’t shake it. I began to experenice an odd sort of depression, I think, as if nothing mattered. This confused me as my thoughts were telling me all the reasons I have to be happy and thankful but my heart wasn’t buying it at all. Last night a young, 20-something friend called. She said I was on her mind. We caught each other up on the details of our lives and I shared with her my unsettled feeling of sadness. She listened intently, paused and said, “It sounds like you’ve lost trust in yourself as a wife and a mother. Maybe we’re not supposed to trust ourselves but could that be how you’re feeling? When I feel that way, I REMEMBER past graces that God gave me in his word when I was in a similar situation.” This morning I combed over my journal entries and REMEMBEREDGod’s words that helped me in the past when I had unexplainable sadness.

Living Outside the Lines Remembers God’s Word

How does    REMEMBERING    help you?


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  1. The Epistolarian says:

    Remembering is a daily occupation for me. When I don't remember, I fall flat. That's what I wrote about today. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Bridgette Booth says:

    Sorry that you were having a bad week. Hope the conference lifted your spirits. 🙂

  3. How precious of God to remind you through a friend. I pray you will feel His peace and joy as you settle into your new environment. I pray heart-friends are created and a new community of faith will surround you.

    God bless you!

  4. Some days the only thing pulls me out of bed is remembering. That history keeps me trusting and expecting that God is working things out. His plan isn’t always pleasant but it is profitable for my spiritual health.

    I’m praying for you!

  5. I love remembering God's faithfulness. Like the Israelites took stones when they crossed the Jordan, so they could remember. I gather "stones" in my journals. In the hard times, I go back to my stones and am filled with Joy because I have learned that God is faithful always…even if I can't see it or don't understand it yet! Many Blessings!

  6. Visiting from the 5 Minute Friday! His Words bring so much comfort in times of sadness. Praying He comforts you through this transition.

  7. Hi, Ali!
    Loved your post. Wow, I can't believe you came to Relevant in the middle of such a big transition!
    I can relate to your feeling of confused sadness. I have been slogging through some stuff this week – deep heart stuff that Relevant brought out – I was honestly surprised to get so 'low'. Talking with a friend yesterday who was at Relevant really helped me. Isn't it great how friendship helps you process stuff?

  8. Ali- your site is lovely- found you on here via Lisa Jo… transition- isn't THAT the word of the season?!?! I really resonate with that! Just got word today the country I live in most of the year with my 123 adopted kiddos is trying to kick westerners out. Transitions abound, but grace all the more!

    May sweet Jesus surround you as you settle in to the rhythm of His grace in this new place where He is leading… and find the still streams for your soul. From the unpaved road, Michele

  9. Ann Abernathy says:

    I just today realized that you had changed your website…I haven't been on it in a while. God Bless You and your family! 😉


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