Redeeming Hope

20100915 turtle 0625 OD

HOPE: Baby Loggerhead Turtle, little flipper step by flipper step, struggles to get to the ocean. Photo by Expedition Blue Planet

We went to the beach in October. Fishing is really good then. * BIG smile* Jim went to the pier to investigate what kind of fish were biting and the bait that was working. Pompano were running and the bait of choice is a sand flea. Florida pompano are said to bring the highest price per pound of any fish in the United States. This is important information if you are to understand the intensity to which we “hunted so we could fish.”

Since sand fleas are the pompano’s favorite snack and they are expensive to buy, we went mining for them. Sand fleas are shaped like a flea but look like a first cousin to a crab except they don’t pinch. To capture these critters we were told to use a colander or buy a sand flea rake.

Jim, my husband, an awesome angler, holding a pompano. Photo by Abigail Polley

With colanders in hand, like miners panning for gold, the 6 of us stood on the edge of the surf scooping sand as deeply as we could with our colanders, and resting it the water to rinse all the sand away so we could find out if we had captured our ticket to a fabulous pompano dinner.e to start thinking about hope. Each time I washed the sand from my colander, I hoped to see a little critter. Knowing the little buggers lived there gave me hope that I might capture one, eventually.

Hope is a powerful affection.

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What do you hope for?

Have you thought of hope in this way?

How does this change your love for Jesus?

How does it change the way you live?


Living Outside the Lines…

…offers thanksgiving to the One who bore eternal hopelessness…

…in order to give us life


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