A Seeing Eye Friend

The Conversation:

Photo by Jonathan Pow

Sunday at church a lady made the comment that we never see or hear ourselves the way others do and I agree. For several weeks I have felt like a war was raging inside but I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong. I felt unexplainably distressed.


I called a friend, Bridgette, who knows me well and within 20 minutes, she gently asked me a pointed question, “You’re the most diligent person I’ve ever met. Do you think you’re believing that it’s wrong for Ali Dent to be less than perfect?”

Wow! I didn’t see that coming but she was right on target.


The Humility:

Photo by Jonathan Pow




I paused, took a breath and asked her to tell me more about what she heard in my distress.




The Necessity:

Photo by Jonathan Pow



Since that conversation a week ago, I’ve spent every morning discussing this with Jesus. He’s an awesome listener and teacher:) What would I ever do without him and his children to lead me in the paths of righteousness?



The Life:

Photo by Jonathan Pow



I can’t see myself the way others do. I get off track and lose my way. It’s hard to walk on the straight and narrow path when I’m blind. Thanks be to God for putting me in a family of believers who love me enough to hold my hand and lead me out of the darkness and into the light.


Living Outside the Lines needs others to see the Way

How to you get help when you’re blind?

How do you help others when blindness grips them?

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  1. Thanks for this, Ali. We all need each other for sure! Even across the country…

  2. What a nice post Ali! Wow a lot of us suffer from perfectionism. You're in good company.

    I love your pictures! I saw that story on the web and was so drawn to it. What an excellent example for us. We all need to rely on one another.

    See you soon!

  3. Yes —->Holding my hand and lead me out of the darkness into the light… That's a wonderful example of the Body of Christ in action. And the dog pics are perfect. (do you have a link to the video about them? I forget the story but the white dog is blind and the other one acts as a seeing eye dog.)
    Blessings sister, Maggie Hogan

  4. Bridgette Booth says:

    Years ago, I was discussing my unease with a romantic relationship in my life. My Christian friend and sister who I was sharing this with asked me a very pointed question, "Are you still in the relationship to hurt ____?" I wasn't mature like you and took offense, but later I allowed her words to sink in. I resolved to end the relationship and have forever been grateful that she risked herself to speak to me so directly. It is in those times that I feel best loved by the Body. (Okay, maybe not AT that time, but later, when my feelings are too tender. lol!)

    Love you!

  5. This IS an encouragement! Thank you for sharing, Ali!

  6. Wow, Ali … thanks for being so vulnerable in this post! I remember a few times when people have 'spoken into my life' and it really hurt at the time. The thing is – when this comes from people who know you and love you, it caused me to take a step back and ask the Lord to really show me if there was truth in what was spoken, and if so, what was it and how do I change it? These were life changing moments for me, and I'm thankful for those who have had courage to speak into my life. Thanks for speaking into my life today through your post!

  7. Nancy J Nicholson says:

    Ali, this is so true. We never see ourselves the way we should. Friends and Faith are my answers. When I really have to move ahead, turning the chore over to God is really the way I feel the most help. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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