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In Redeeming the Athlete I shared with you that when I married I was totally without homemaking skills and a friend gently taught me how to keep house while taking care of my family. As I got the hang of those skills I began cooking too. I learned I was a bit of a purest. I cooked everything from scratch, fresh vegetables instead of frozen or canned, fresh herbs instead of dried, and raw onions instead of dried or frozen. I even ground grain into flour for bread. Get the picture? I really enjoyed this part of my work. Looking back on that busy time of my life I can’t help but think, “What a silly girl I was to spend so much time preparing food during a season in my life with young children at home and so many demands on me.” Then I quickly remember Genesis chapter one: God created.

I am made in the image of God. Try as I may, it is impossible to avoid creating. God created something from nothing and I can’t do that but as an image bearers I must create. It’s unavoidable. A woman taking care of her home creates order from chaos. A counselor brings order to disorderly emotions. A doctor creates order in an sick body. A writer creates order out of words and an artist uses paint to create order and beauty on canvas.

It was very time consuming to cook everything from scratch but I enjoyed it. I felt alive when I created beautiful, tasty meals. At the time I didn’t understand the connection of my identity to God. Now I see that I enjoyed it because I was living in my identity, an image bearer of my Father. My daughter has three little boys and one on the way. She doesn’t like to cook but she maintains beautiful scrap books depicting her family’s journey through life. I call her the family historian. She’s living out her identity as an image bearer. I don’t cook from scratch in this season of my life but I still love creating. The picture above is an example of a dessert I took to a pot luck recently. Three bags of store bought cookies arranged beautifully on a special tray works just fine for me right now. I don’t think it’s the particular thing we create that is so important but the fact that we create ought to make us stand up and shout, “I’m his and I’m like him!” Wow.

Living Outside the Lines Bears the Image of God as Creator.

Where do you bear the image of God as a creator?

How do you create?

What do you create?

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  1. Ali, I love this post, and I love that you took a picture of your store-bought cookies! 🙂

    I'm not sure I know where I bear the image of the Creator as a creator except, perhaps, in writing. I've never thought of it in those terms. The creation aspect of my writing seems so far removed from what I am currently doing — I'd like to return to it.

    • I understand how you feel far removed from the creation aspect in the place where you are right. Be encouraged. The work you are doing is creating a beautiful work for hundreds of children to enjoy. You have looked inside, outside and up. God got his hands dirty when he prepared a garden for us and then he sat back, rested, and looked at the beauty he created for others to enjoy. Your hands are dirty while working in the thick of things but one day you will rest and see the beauty of this project. I can't wait.

  2. I make a lot of jokes about my "muse." She keeps me up at night; she sends me crazy dreams like she wants me to turn them into stories. In reality, the Lord is my writing partner. My story ideas come from Him. When I write, my hope is to create something beautiful that will please Him. And when the writing flows, I know He's guiding me, wanting me to write these stories. I want to believe that I'll still be writing in heaven because we have eternity and our being made in His image won't change.

    • I share your sentiments and I too hope to write in the New Heaven and New Earth. We are tasting that glory every time we are aware that his presence guides us, when the writing flows as you put it. I'm so glad you shared your heart about this. It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

  3. Ali, this speaks straight to my heart. Within all of us is the desire to create and deep satisfaction that comes when we do. What a beautiful reflection we are of our Creator when we channel that God-given desire to honor Him.

  4. Just like Angela I keep joking about my Muses (I got two although the second one doesn't visit often anymore).

    I am a writer because I'm a believer. I believe that I can create something that others will enjoy and find useful in their lives. And that's how I feel connected to God – I simply learn from Him every day. Before I write, I say a prayer – I pray for inspiration and creativity, for understanding of what I need to write next and for the right words to come.

    • Thanks for reminding me to pray before I write. Silly, I know, but I forget to do that. You're awesome, Angela. I can't wait to read your book.

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