Clothed in Righteousness

photo by Kathy Strukel

I’m a t-shirt and jeans girl but I think it’s fun to get dressed up to go somewhere special. In high school it was the prom, when we worked at Mercy Ships it was fund raising dinners, and now, well now I don’t have very many opportunities to wear a formal but I love it when Jim and I go to dinner where casual would be out of place. There’s something special about wearing beautiful clothes and shoes and resting on the arm of my husband in his suit or tuxedo that feels so right. I feel like I’m the most important person in the world, and I am to Jim. * smiling *

Excerpts from the song, “And Can It Be,“ remind me of the beautiful clothing I wear ALL the time and why I am special.

“And clothed in righteousness divine,…” Clothed in righteousness. I’m wearing Jesus’ righteousness! I can’t put it on and take it off like trading between my jeans and fancy clothes. No matter where I am or how I’m behaving his righteousness is mine.

“Amazing love! How can it be.” He paid an enormous price for me to wear this outfit. This ought to make me grateful and fall on my knees in worship and it does sometimes but not all the time. Sometimes I just want to wear my old raggedy jeans, slouch on the sofa, and do what I want to do. Even then, I’m clothed in beautiful clothes. This reality humbles me and causes me to look up, repent and give thanks.

“Bold I approach th’eternal throne, And claim the crown, through Christ my own.” I’m a poor wretched sinner and a daughter of the King, no matter what! 

I love this song, “And Can It Be,” I hope it will encourage  you with the Gospel’s amazing love.

Living Outside the Lines sports the most spectacular wardrobe available to man!

How boldly do you approach the throne?

What makes your boldness toddle?

How do you stand against condemnation?

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  1. Testing…. 🙂

  2. Ali, it would take days for me to answer your queries about my spiritual life.

    Would that we could share a cup of tea and conversation.

    I am not bold at all, but the throne has been created in my heart, always ready to access. Condemnation if I understand your application of the word, , is guilt. There is a place as God embraces us along the path of our spiritual evolution, where condemnation no longer has a resting place within. I love the scripture "You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free." Freedom is a promise … even freedom from such things as toddling, boldness, and condemnation. May we all look forward to experiencing it!

    • You are so right. The Truth does set us free and yes that is the point I was trying to make. Sometimes I forget the truth or don't believe it and very quickly begin to feel condemned but for those of us who are in Christ Jesus there is no condemnation and that is a marvelous truth.

  3. loved this one. it is a topic i've been thinking of writing about this weekend. it won't happen right away tho' and you might not even recognize the similarities:)

    in order to fight the condemnation? there are times when i have to scream the TRUTH of God's Word to the voice of the Accuser!

    I have all the riches of Christ available to me to live life.

    Christ has given me all I need to live a Godly life.

    My sin has been forgiven and is placed as far as the east is from the west.

    there is plenty of other scripture that tells me how much God loves me, how complete His sacrifice on the cross was, and how He has made it possible for me to live a transformed life. So encouraging:)

    btw, hope you are getting settled in:)


  4. Marion's right, that's a very complicated answer. I think I'm able to continue approaching the throne because I can look back and see that Jesus has never given up on me. Even when I've been lazy and apathetic, He's never stopped calling my name, beckoning me back. With that kind of invitation, how can I do anything but respond?

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