Laughter is Good Medicine

What makes you feel out of control? How to you get past it?

I positively, absolutely, indubitably do not like going to the dentist! I love the hygienist, receptionist and even the doctor but sitting in the chair with a drill in my mouth is torture. The dental chair is a necessary evil if we want to keep our teeth healthy and strong but sitting in that chair makes me feel soooooo out of control. Laughter is good medicine.

Thinking of something funny helps me survive the experience. Let this video burn into your memory so that you can use it as a distraction the next time you’re in “The Chair of Torture.”

Leave me a comment and tell me how do you distract yourself in situations that make you feel out of your control?

What makes you feel out of control? How do you get past it?

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  1. I take my iPhone and listen to music REALLY loud. If the dentist needs to ask me something, he just taps my shoulder. Otherwise, I don't want to hear the drills or any of it. Blech!

  2. Time challenged as usual, and will watch the video later. Loved that TV series, and know it will make me laugh! Thanks in advance for the video.

    I bring my i-phone and listen to nice music, picture a favorite scene … it is a cove with medium large waves, and I am either there by myself, or plotting a romantic scene for an imaginary novel. I trust my dentist, am comfortable, but as I age my tolerance goes down. The advances in modern dentistry from 50 years ago is phenomenal.

    I confided one concern, that I can't hold my mouth open for so long, and feared it would lock! She gave me a block to put between upper and lower teeth, and I could quit trying to hold my jaw open. Wonderful release! Talk to the dentist. They may have piped in music, etc.

    • You're right that open communication is important. My dentist and I laugh together while I'm in the chair. We just moved to a new city. I wrote this post when I was thinking about all the changes we'll make at our new home. I was feeling very grateful for our dentist and wondering what the next one would be like.

  3. I'm one of those lucky people that don't get freaked out by the dentist. My dentist is very gentle and understanding. There is a TV above the patient chair and we can choose a movie. I also bring a book on CD and listen to it when I need to have a longer dental work done. It keeps my mind occupied and I almost miss the drill in my mouth 🙂

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