What Do Legos, The Gnome Mobile, and Alice and Wonderland Have in Common?

I’m drawn to little things. I bought these cards before I was 12 because I thought they were unusual and neat that the whole deck of cards could fit inside a thimble. I liked playing with these dolls better than the standard size Barbie dolls my friends played with. I used to pretend two of the dolls were sisters and sometimes they would invite their friends over to play rummy with my thimble size deck of cards. Other small things I like are in movies and TV shows. I love the movie, “The Gnome Mobile,” and the 1970s TV show, “The Land of the Lost. Both depict very small people living among gigantic beings. The book series, The Borrowers captured my attention as well as Jack in the Beanstalk and Alice in Wonderland. I don’t  know why I like little things, but I do.*happy face*

There are other little toys I like too. When my boys played with Legos I sat with them while they built imaginative worlds but my interest wasn’t on the building blocks. Oh, no. I loved the accessories: weapons, soccer ball, fishing rod, and hats. Oh, how I love the hats. These things are miniatures of the objects we use in our world therefore, I like them. * another happy face *

I also like small things that aren’t toys and movies. Life’s little moments really touch my heart. You know the times when you’re deeply involved in something and you look out the window and see a mama bird teaching her baby to fly or you’re sitting in church enjoying the sermon and you look beside you and see a little person focusing his attention on Lego men (with accessories) so that he can respectfully participate in the worship service by remaining quiet and still. When I’m at the park and I see a two year old fall, scrape his knee and his mother run to him with comfort and a  bandaid, for a split second, I feel like all is well with the world. Why do these things cause a spontaneous smile to cross my face?

I don’t think it’s the baby bird, the bandaid, or my friend with his Legos that makes joy crawl out of my heart, up my throat and onto my face even though Nathan does make me smile when I watch him sitting beside me in church. Tiny moments wake me out of my routine and startle me into awareness that there is something MORE  than my immediate surroundings. They cause me to pause and reflect on the goodness of God, his creation and redemptive plan–his BIG story. This gives me hope and hope makes me smile. *Grinning From Ear to Ear*

What little pleasures remind you of the BIG story?

Share YOUR story.

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  1. I liked "little" things too as a child. I also had Dawn dolls, and collected Kiddles and trolls (which I still have – *facepalm*). Miniature plastic or metal figurines of horses and animals, even stray army men and old-fashioned soldiers went into my treasure box. I don't know why either except that the smaller the scale, the more fascinating I found them. I'm still intrigued by things that are beautifully made and artfully small – fine basketry and ceramics, woven pieces, paintings. I think for me part of the attraction is the detail committed to the creating of such small efforts. Life is like that too. Huge efforts are sometimes made for small changes and it's the tiniest alteration that sometimes makes the most extreme difference. Lovely post.

    • I had not considered the beauty in the details of small crafted things. Glad you pointed it out. Sounds like you understand where I'm coming from about little things. Nice to have a friend like you.

  2. Little animals make me smile–hummingbirds and dragonflies. The sun peeking through the clouds or the rain feels like a glimpse of heaven. The breeze like a kiss on my cheek.

  3. Once a year on Kentucky Lake the willow flies hatch. When they do, the bluegill are on the hunt. They're like 1/4 pound savages when they feed on flies that land on top of the water. If you have a fly rod, you put on a popping bug or gnat fly, and you can literally catch bluegill until you're tired. Then my dad and I would take 50-60 of them home and filet them. Yes, you heard me right, we would filet bluegill. When we deep fried them, they would be crispy like really thick potato chips. Add a little vinegar coleslaw, some hushpuppies, french fries, and sweet tea to wash it down. Ohhhhweee, that's good southern eatin'. And it all started with that little bluegill you can hold in your hand.

    • Your fried bluegill and fixins sound wonderful!
      I love to fish. I fished a lot as a child and thankfully I married a fisherman. My favorite now is deep sea fishing. I love grouper to catch them and eat them. They're really hard for me to reel in. Mst of the time when I hook one I have to plop myself down on the floor of the boat and reel my heart out. I love it!
      We charter a boat once a year and go out for a day and it's never long enough:(

  4. Colors are important to me. I find them inspiring, mind-calming or thought-inducing. There are colors throughout the year but fall provides the best range, especially with the color-changing foliage. Books have been always a part of my life. I have a couple special books that date back to my childhood. I treasure them more than anything. One of them, the magical stories by Hans Christian Andersen, was a gift from my dad for my 8th birthday. I love the dedication he wrote on the title page for me. It takes me back to my childhood.

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