What Holds You Back From Living Authentically?

Enjoying THE story makes you strong.

The youth in our church go on a retreat every summer. The church sponsors a fundraiser to pay for the vans and chaperones.  John O. cooks a scrumptious spaghetti dinner. The youth work as waiters and waitress serving the meal and making sure everyone at the dinner feels special. A donation for the meal and entertainment is requested. After dinner The Variety Show begins.

Everyone is invited to perform for the event.  The kids with musical talent sing and play instruments.  Last year my husband recited The Cremation of Sam Magee, by Jim Dent. Sonny and Cher showed up and entertained us with “I Got You Babe.” This year the list of acts was slim so at the last minute, I called my friend, Jami and asked if she was up to doing an act together. We had 30 minutes to rehearse. When our turn came, we preformed…..mistakes and all.

There was a time in my life when doing anything less than perfect and prepared robbed me of shared moments like. Breaking away from perfectionism and fear of rejection is very hard to do but not impossible. God created me exactly how he wanted to and he’s writing my story. When I hide in fear it’s like I’m taking the pen out of his hand and trying to erase or rewrite my story for him. His word tells me who I am: fearfully and wonderfully made in his image and he loves me! Do I believe him?  Love breaks down walls of fear and opens the door to the possibility of making warm memories together.

Enjoy, The Classic Friendship

How do you press on and trust God?

What holds you back?

Share THE story.

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  1. Love the video. You two are talented. Honest.

    My biggest issue has been that my past makes it hard to allow myself to step up to the plate as a writer. Like you, I was horrified of not doing something perfectly–and we writers know there's always somebody to tell us what we did wrong! It took a lot of years, support, and even therapy before I could begin to be what God gave me the talent to be: a writer who's brave enough to get her work out there and not stop with every rejection. Hard, very hard. It's a daily struggle. But I'm doing it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Oh Cheryl, your words are a great comfort to me. I hear how strong you've become and the confidence in the Lord that makes you so. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Oh I love that video! 😀 You all were fabulous performers even with a few mistakes! I know for me, it is hard to do things if someone might not be pleased with my work. If I do something and I hear someone who isn't pleased, I will stoop as low as I can to please that one person. I have to rely on God that I don't have to please all the people around me, but that I need to just glorify Him in all I do. I very much enjoyed your post! 🙂

  3. "God created me exactly how he wanted to and he’s writing my story."

    I love that. Thanks for the reminder. Why is it so hard for me to remember?

    • I think it's hard for all of us to remember, therefore our call to be the Body of Christ to each other has an added dimension of reminding each other when we forget. It's a beautiful life in the BODY:)

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