What’s in Your Memory Drawer?

We’re moving to a new city in August. I’m cleaning out my dresser drawer where I keep sentimental things. Among special cards and notes from my children I found…* prepare yourself *…. their baby teeth. Why in the world did I save their baby teeth? Does a grown child want her baby teeth? Will she want to show them to her children as they lose their teeth?

What’s in the heart of mom when she buys a tiny little box designed especially for baby teeth? Does she want to hang on to every precious moment in her baby’ s life? Maybe losing a tooth symbolizes, in the tiniest way, this child will leave her one-day and she wants to hang onto this person she loves so much? Truly, I’m baffled by this tradition and yet, in my drawer are 4 tiny little boxes with my children’s baby teeth in them.

What are you saving?

Why do you save things?

Share THE story.

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  1. I cleaned out that drawer last year, Ali, and found the SAME things. I thought what in the world was I thinking? I don't even know which teeth belong to which child! And, it's just a bit gross.

    I do have a funny story though. A friend of mine collected teeth and her then 8 year old son apparently found them and started RECYCLING them by sticking them under his pillow looking for a second visit from the tooth fairy. LOL. The tooth fairy had to leave his a note threatening never to visit again.

  2. P.S. Who is in the pic with A? Not Jon?

    • Daniel Polley. He lives next door to Mallari now. He babysat the boys for the girls to have time together when Matti visited Mallari. He's awesome. I chose the picture because they are both smiling; one still losing teeth and the other not. Also he's a member of the PolleyDent clan:)

  3. Oh my! This one made me just about cry. My daughter is just getting her second year molars in. I don't want to think about all those little teeth coming out yet! I'm not ready!!! *whimper*

    Seriously, though, this was a great post. I'm a sucker for trying to keep all those precious memories alive, but I know that Tiny Tot has to grow up eventually. Who knows what strange memory items I'll hang onto in the future. Looking forward to finding out.

  4. I only saved the teeth belonging to the children that requested they be saved… those are taped into their baby books along with hospital bracelets and first locks of hair. I had an aunt who passed away years ago, and when my cousin was cleaning out her belongings, she found an envelope labeled "Regina's umbilical cord." All to say, there are weirder things than baby teeth a mother could save….

  5. What I love most about the things we save is the love in a mother's heart for her dear children that causes her to hold on to all she can. It's really beautiful.

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