Life Isn’t Ending, Just Extending

“You never took me where I wanted to go.”

“No, but I always took you where you needed to go.”

Dr. Who

Ten years ago, in August, our family moved from Georgia to Texas. I felt like the move would kill me. I had too many attachments and memories that I couldn’t imagine life without them.

Two days ago, my family spent all day with a realtor in San Antonio. We’re moving there in August and I’m sad about that, very sad indeed, but I do not feel like life is ending, it’s just extending.

Ten years ago I would have said to the Lord, “You aren’t taking me where I want to go.” And now I say, “You aren’ taking me where I want to go, but you are taking me where I need to go.”

What changed and how?

For ten years, and in 10,000 ways, the Lord has gently shown me life is not about my will but his. During the first few weeks we lived in Texas, the pain was so bad that I thought I would die. I longed for the people and places I loved so much. One day a song came on the radio. It was about the day when Jesus was in the garden of Gesemane laying himself down before the Father. He says, “Not my will, but thine be done.” I heard those words and sank into an easy chair. I could see that I was wrestling my stubborn will, but look how gently the Lord led me into the garden. He didn’t beat me over the head with condemnation. He sweetly used his word rewritten in a song. The Holy Spirit made those words come alive in my heart so I could see the truth. I repented and asked for help.

Connecting to God’s word is life. His word is of course in the Bible, songwriter’s borrow verses, authors rewrite it’s context and for those of us who know him, even lines in a movie, whether intentionally or unintentionally placed there, remind us about the truth of the gospel. The beauty for us is that no matter where we are or what we are doing, the graceful and powerful word of God will gently teach and guide us. His word and his presence are heaven on earth and that is why a move doesn’t feel like it’s killing me, but extending me.

When did you think change was going to kill you?

How has God unexpectedly used his word in your life?

How have you learned God’s presence is heaven on earth?

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